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2016-2017 Staff

Veronica Esteves

Spring Reporter

Veronica Esteves is a 17 year old junior at Colonia High School. Esteves is Portuguese and is the first in her family to be born in America. English is only her second language. As a starter for the Colonia Tennis Team, Esteves has been playing for all three years and is looking...

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Thomas J. Lo Coco Jr.

Spring Reporter

Thomas Lo Coco, a man with strong conservative values that holds his views close to his heart. He hates online newspapers and ironically is involved with one now. He is a firm believer in constitutional rights and dislikes those who stand against them. He is an aspiring a...

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Austin Amaro

Spring Reporter

Austin Amaro is a 17-year old senior at Colonia High School. Amaro has lived in Avenel his whole life with his mom, dad, older brother, and younger sister. Amaro is a hard-working student who plans to pursue a career in sports marketing after high school. After high school, he ...

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Alivia Taveras

Spring Reporter

Alivia Taveras is a fifteen year old sophomore at Colonia High School, where she plays softball. She has been playing travel softball since she was eleven years old. Taveras is very competitive in all aspects and as a student is also very dedicated to her academics with her favo...

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Patrick Coveny


Patrick Coveny is a 16 year old junior at Colonia High School where he is a first-year journalism student. He is studious and dedicated to his education -his favorite classes being APUSH and English.  In his free time, Patrick enjoys reading, taking pictures, listening to indie...

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Emily Vogler

Spring Reporter

Emily Vogler is a 15 year old girl that is a sophomore at Colonia High School. She is a cheerleader and a softball player. She has been cheering for 9 years and has been playing softball for 7 years. She now works at Colonia Natural Pharmacy and plans on staying there until s...

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Jeremy Prieto

Spring Reporter

Jeremy Prieto is a junior at colonia high school. Prieto was born in north bergen, nj and lived in union city, nj until age 5 then he moved to avenel,nj. He enjoys reading, listening to music, watching the news, watching movies and traveling. His favorite movie is the pursuit...

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Afrah Momin

Spring Reporter

Afrah Momin is a seventeen year old junior at CHS. She is a  brave, caring, funny, and weird girl. She enjoys most of her time listening to music, binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix, and texting her friends. She was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leuke...

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Samantha Dobbin

Spring Reporter

Samantha Dobbin is a senior at Colonia High School writing for The Declaration Newspaper. Dobbin is 18 years old and has attended CHS for four years. She’s committed herself and participated in various extracurricular activities such as the swim team for two years, the softba...

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Alexander Reyes

Spring Reporter

Photo Credit: Alex Reyes Alex Reyes is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School. He played Varsity football for the school for 2 years, and did track. He loves watching sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. His favorite TV show is Gotham. His favorite hobby is w...

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Kristen Nater

Spring reporter

Kristen Nater is 18 years old and is a senior at Colonia High School. Nater enjoys working her jobs at Marshalls as well as Rita’s Ice in the summer. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends during free time. She has grown up in Colonia, New Jersey her whole life and lives...

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Adam Lasek

Club Reporter

Adam Lasek is a freshmen In Colonia High . Lasek is in the Colonia High School Marching Patriots and plays the trumpet. He lives with his brother, mom ,dad and his 2 cats. Lasek Is planning to go to Villanova university and to major in a civil engineering major. His favorite...

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Paige Walker

Club Reporter

Paige Walker is a senior at Colonia High School writing for The Declaration Newspaper. Walker is a dedicated student who is a part of the National Honors Society and the Spanish Honors Society. She also has participated in spring track her sophomore year as a sprinter and recorded...

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Brittany Walker


Brittany Walker is a junior at Colonia High School writing for The Declaration Newspaper. Walker's hobbies are reading and writing various kinds of stories. She ran track from fourth to ninth grade. She enjoys binge watching series after a whole season has come out so she doesn't...

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Yanni Abdul'ahad

Fall Reporter

Ayanna Abdul'ahad is a seventeen year old senior at Colonia High School , Abdul'ahad plays varsity basketball and runs track. Her favorite TVs shows are Greys anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder , Sandal and Empire. Her favorite artist is Rihanna. She grew up in Colonia ...

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Sarah Soos

Fall Reporter

Sarah Soos is a junior at Colonia High School. Her free time consists of writing, crossfit, and playing softball. Soos loves to be involved in community service activities, including 'Buddy Ball', and volunteering at 'The Special Olympics'. She enjoys country music, and campfires....

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Kurt Jackson

Fall Reporter

Kurt Jackson is a junior in Colonia High School. He likes to write, act, and play baseball.  He also enjoys music, his favorite band being Living Colour. Jackson is also a movie snob, watching a movie whenever he gets the chance. According to him the best movie ever made was Ci...

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Sean Dressler

Fall Reporter

Sean Dressler is a junior in Colonia High School. In his pastime he like to go to his room and play video games such as League of Legends. In other situations, he is forced to study for classes he’d rather not take. His main talent is saying all the presidents by last name....

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Rebecca Melton

Fall Reporter

Rebecca Melton, a seventeen year old junior, is motivated and dedicated. She is interested and involved in the performing arts. She is a member of the Colonia Marching Patriots and concert band. She is also a part of Colonia's technical theater. She has been apart of both gro...

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Misri Patel

Fall Reporter

Misri Patel is a fifteen year old sophomore at Colonia High School. She has grown up in Avenel since she was 2 years old and a younger sister of a 16 year old.  Patel is part of many activities in Colonia High School such as the multicultural club, girl’s tennis, student ...

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Alex Savage

Fall Reporter

Alex Savage is a 17 year old Colonia High School senior who grew up and lived in Colonia, NJ his entire life along with his family. Savage has been a club reporter for the Declaration newspaper as of February of 2016. Savage's favorite food is Penne Vodka and their favorite...

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Zachary Pereira

Fall Reporter

Zachary Pereira is 15 years old and was born on September 25, 2001. Currently Pereira is a Sophomore at Colonia and is involved with the school’s football and track teams; he also plans to do the musical this spring. When not in school Pereira enjoys reading and writing as ...

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Christine Silvana

Fall Reporter

Christine Silvana is a senior at Colonia High School. She is a fall baby, born on October 10th. Silvana is involved in many school activities, including Choir, Multicultural Club, and CHS Service to Others Club. She is also a member of the Tri-M Honor Society, Spanish Honor So...

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Mia Banks

Fall Reporter

Mia Banks is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School. Banks is involved in student council and the multicultural club. Banks is also a member of the National, Spanish and Math Honor Societies. In her free time, Banks enjoys watching the news to catch up on anything, and everything,...

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Kelli Mulrooney

Fall Reporters

Kelli Mulrooney is a 15 year old sophomore at Colonia High School where she is a student athlete playing two sports: volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring. She is a very competitive and dedicated athlete to both sports. Although she loves volleyball a little bit m...

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Frankie Brock

Fall Reporter

Frankie Brock is a 15 year old sophomore at colonia high school. She is the sophomore class presidents and loves getting involved in all colonia high school programs. Brock is an active member in the multicultural club and student council. She attends many sporting events an...

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Genesis Torres

Fall Editor and Reporter

Genesis Torres is an 18 year old Senior at Colonia High school. She is captain of the Colonia girls' varsity soccer team, and has been playing soccer since she was 10 years old. She enjoys watching soccer as well, and supports the Real Madrid football club team for men, and the Port...

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Adriana Daniel

Fall Editor and Reporter

Adriana Daniel is 17 years old and is a senior at Colonia High School. Daniel is a swimmer for the Colonia swim team and also President for the Guitar Club. She has been apart of the Guitar Club for four years. Daniel spends her summers working as a lifeguard and as a camp...

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DeAndre Oglesby

Fall Reporter

DeAndre Oglesby is a 15 year old from Colonia New Jersey. He was born on December 7, 2000 at JFK Hospital. His nationality is African Bajan American (his mother is from the island of Barbados). DeAndre is the youngest of four children. He has two sisters and one brother. Currently...

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Brianna Kelly

Spring Reporter and Editor

Brianna Kelly is a 18-year-old junior at Colonia High School and has lived in Colonia her entire life along with her family. She has written for The Declaration for four years and has taken both Journalism classes offered at CHS. Kelly is currently a member of Heroes and Cool...

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Michelle Remite-Berthet

Fall Reporter and Editor

Michelle Remite-Bethet is a 16 year old, eleventh grade journalist at CHS. Remite is originally from right here in Colonia, NJ, and has grew up here her since she was ten months old.  She lives with her mother, her father, three sisters, and a dog named Willy. In her free time,...

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Manuela Martinez

Spring Reporter

Manuela Martinez is a 16 year old junior Spring Editor and Reporter for the Declaration in Colonia High School. She has spent most of her life in Colonia and currently lives with her Mom, Dad, and baby sister. Additionally, her love for volleyball has kept her in the sport all-year-round,...

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