Creed is a Must Watch for Rocky Fans


Photo Credit: Taken by Faiz SIlat of the a Warner Brothers poster

On Thanksgiving day in 2015, the Rocky spinoff Creed is released.

By: Faiz Silat, Fall Reporter

On Thanksgiving weekend 2015 a movie named Creed was released into theaters.  Creed is a spin off movie off the previous movies series Rocky.  The movie series Rocky is about a young boxer named Rocky Balboa who is played by Sylvester Stallone. Rocky starts off small but then fights the number one fighter in the league Apollo Creed and ties him. In the next movies Apollo becomes Rocky ‘s trainor and fights Mr.T and wins. In the next movie Apollo comes out of retirement and fights a Russian boxer named Ivan Drago. Sadly while fighting him Apollo dies in the ring. Rocky gets furious because that was his best friend. He then goes to Russia himself and fights Drago himself and wins the match,

In this movie it is all about Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed. In the beginning of the movie it starts out him in mexico fighting a Mexican boxer and knocks him out in the first round. After the fight he goes to work but then quits after getting a promotion because he wanted to fight full time

Adonis then when to Philadelphia to convince Rocky to train him. Rocky first denies it and didnt want to get into the boxing field again. But as Rocky saw Adonis’s skill he was convinced to train him and make him go to the top. Now as he trained him he used all the old techniques he was thought by Apollo Creed.  As a Rocky fan, I thought it was right to use these old techniques and it made me happy remembering the old movies. Now, as Rocky is training Adonis he becomes sick and goes to the doctor. He finds out he has cancer and needs chemotherapy. At first Rocky said he didn’t want to do it because his wife Adrian died because of chemotherapy, but Adonis convinces Rocky to get therapy. Now, as Rocky is getting therapy he is still training Adonis for the big fight against Ricky Conlan who was undefeated.

Adonis is trained for the big fight and Adonis entered the ring confidently. Adonis and Ricky last all 12 rounds but by split decision Ricky won.

In my opinion, I loved this movie. It really gave a lot of Rocky background which I loved because I love the whole Rocky series. Also, what I loved was the old training techniques used to train Adonis. It reminded me of the old movies and how rocky got trained my Apollo Creed. I also loved the last fight scene because of how they portrayed the scene.  While I was watching, I though I was right there in the movie. The scene was great and I thought that was the best scene.

One thing I didn’t like in the movie was the love story between Adonis and his neighbor Bianca. I thought this took away from the boxing mood and the movie just got slow because of that. If one thing I would change about the movie is to take out the love scene.

All in all, I recommend you watch this movie if you’re a Rocky fan. Even if you aren’t a fan, you should still watch it because they provide all the background info in the current movie. I give this movie a 8/10 stars and I strongly recommend you watch this movie.



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