Colonia comes out on top against South Plainfield basketball


By: Travis Horodyski, Fall Reporter

On Tuesday January 12th the Colonia Patriots varsity basketball team won against the South Plainfield Tigers with a score of 50-45. Colonia walked away from the home game with an overall record of 6-2, South Plainfield left with a 2-7 overall record.

Once the game started, the action kicked into gear. Both teams came out with roaring energy and the crowd was roaring right back. The first quarter was a battle back and forth to score and the Patriots managed to come out on top with a small three-point lead 16-13.

South Plainfield Tigers now have a record of 2-7
South Plainfield Tigers now have a record of 2-7

The second and third quarters weren’t as hectic as the first but both teams were still giving the game their all. Colonia scored a 2-point lead in the second quarter scoring over South Plainfield 10-8. The halftime score was 26-21 with Colonia on top.

South Plainfield came back strong in the second half against the Patriots. The Tigers earned a five point lead in the third quarter leaving with 12 points scored. Colonia earned seven points. With the game at a tie 33-33 the fourth quarter is where both teams played their hardest. It was a back and forth until players on the Tigers kept fouling Colonia players. The fouls allowed the Patriots to advance forward by scoring free throws. Colonia won with a final score of 50-45.

Senior Colonia varsity player Chase Barneys was the highest scoring player of the game totaling to 25 points, that’s half of the Patriots final score! South Plainfield senior Lamont Williams was the point leader for the Tigers, ending the game with a total of 21 points.

Colonia’s next game is at New Brunswick on January 14th at 5:30 P.M. South Plainfield’s next game is against J.P. Stevens on the same January 14th at 7:00 P.M.