Class of 2016 Prom Bids Are Higher Than Average Due To Lack Of Participation


Photo Credit: photo via pixabay under creative commons license

Costing more than previous years, the prom bid is currently $170

By: Theodore Coursen, Spring Editor

The current prom bid at Colonia High School is $170. The reason for the high price is that the Class of 2016 has not participated enough in fundraising to decrease the bid to a lower price.

The price for one couple to attend this year is high due to the lack of funds despite numerous fundraising attempts. Senior Class Advisor, Mrs. Michelina Hernandez stated, “[The prom bid] is much higher than usual. Last year, I think it was either $100 or $105. I think the year before that it was $97. Right now it is at $170, we anticipate it is going to come down lower though. Depending on how our last two fundraisers pan out.”

The only way the prom bid will become less expensive is if the senior class raises more money. Hernandez said, “We have one more bagging session at Shoprite. We have the faculty basketball game, if we have a good turnout at both of these things then that should definitely help decrease the cost of the prom bid.” It is important for the senior class to take part in these events if they want a lower prom bid. The faculty basketball game will take place at seven on Wednesday, April 6th for all who wish to attend.

Despite the high cost, Hernandez said “I think that people who want to go to the prom are going to go regardless of the cost.” Seniors celebrate their upcoming graduation by attending Prom. Prom is an unforgettable night for most who attend, and despite the pricy prom bid student’s still wish to attend.

Students who do contribute in two fundraisers will be able to attend the Senior Luncheon for free. The senior luncheon is an event for seniors to sign yearbooks, enjoy food, and spend some time with their friends. It usually costs $25.

Please support the senior class in their fundraising efforts.

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