Ride Of Your Life Or Death Trap?

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Ride Of Your Life Or Death Trap?

By: Khrystine Miranda, Spring Reporter

The first roller coaster was invented in 1884 in Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. It was constructed by LaMarcus A. Thompson who named it “the primitive Gravity Switchback Railway.” Since 1884 roller coasters have maintained popularity among people of all ages. But, what attracts people to the coasters and makes them endure long lines just for a short ride on one?

Why they take the ride?

Amusement Parks are designed for riders to have fun and spend time with family and friends. What’s really popular are the roller coasters that attract human eyes in good or bad ways. A lot of young adults ride them to have butterflies in their tummies and because they are daredevils. On the survey, when asked if they ride roller coasters, 44.2% responded with saying “When I was little but not anymore,” people start with all sorts of fears when they are little but then grow out of their habits.  Unlike others who never overcome it and have the same habits from youth or other occasions. 18.5% say “no, I always been a daredevil”, some people just love to do crazy things at a young age and its good to teach them to try crazy things at time so they don’t have fears.

Preference in coasters

308 people were polled through social media by The Declaration Staff in April of 2016 about roller coasters and asked whether they enjoy them or fear them.39.9% say they like roller coasters, 9.4% say they don’t like it and 33.8% said in between. a lot of people have fear of heights and safety when it comes to dare devil things like roller coasters or other crazy activities, even though roller coasters are believed to be one of the safest, it isn’t 100% guaranteed. 19.8% say they do not have a fear of heights and 13.6 say they do.

50% of people said their favorite place to go to ride roller coasters is at Six Flags. Six Flags was founded 1961. There are a total of 18 Six Flags park 16 in North America,1 in Mexico City and 1 in Canada. Top 5 Roller Coasters that people enjoy at Six Flags are…#1 is Kingda Ka, #2 Nitro, #3 El Toro, #4 Superman, #5 Drop Of Doom. People like Six Flags because they are known for their amazing roller coasters.

Only 3.9% chose Hershey Park which is very surprising because the place which is full of chocolate was likely to be chosen. 7.5% of people did choose “Sky Rush” roller coaster as their as which roller coaster is better.


What people can’t stand is waiting on lines for a roller coaster ride and 58.8% chose that answer when asked their dislikes. Waiting on line can take forever depending on the day as well. 57.5% said they are willing to wait at least 30 minutes on a roller coaster ride. 21.8% of people are willing to wait longer around 1 hour. 2.3% answered ridiculously saying they will wait around 4+ hours. Six Flags has their personal deal with Flash pass which is a device you get to use to cut the line and reserve your time to each roller coaster you go too so you can avoid waiting on those long lasting lines.

Another dislike is getting stuck on a roller coaster 16.2% said that would be the worst feeling. SkeiKra got stuck on the drop last Thursday around 3:45 pm and did not get out until 6pm and around 64 guests were stuck. SkeiKra is located in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

8.4% of people said that when its raining and you can not go on any rides is the worst. your waiting for a ride for more than 20 minutes and it starts raining you have basically wasted time waiting for the ride. All roller coasters close until the rain goes away. It is risky to go on a roller coaster while its raining not because you can get wet but the electricity can attract the lighting to strike down. The rain also effects the brakes on the roller coasters.

Preferred Roller Coaster

29.5% chose Kingda Ka as the best roller coaster. Kingda Ka brings out the fear of people because its height is 456 ft tall and its speed is 128 mph but it feels like its more and its very strong and its duration is  50.6 seconds. it takes 3.5 seconds for it to hit 128 mph on the ride. Kingda Ka takes your breath away making it impossible for you to even scream! Kingda Ka is located in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.It was built by Stakotra Manufacturing. 35.4% prefer roller coasters with a lot of speed. 18.2% prefer roller coasters that are high. Kingda Ka is popular for it being the tallest roller coaster in the world and the second roller coaster to be the fastest. Kingda Ka is known for being so tall that sometimes the cart fails to go up and comes back down and if that does happened they just send you off again.


35.4% likes roller coasters with a lot of speed. Speed feels good and gives a lot of butterflies to people. Speed is fun because it makes the ride more enjoyable and entertaining as well. the speed gives you no option but to scream and put your hands up and feel the wind blowing in your face.

25.3% said they like roller coasters with a lot of loops because it puts us through so much fun and mixed feelings about them. You really dont expect when your going on the loops either and when you see that your upside down its feels amazing. The green lantern in Six Flags has a lot of loops, curves and its a roller coasters that your standing up on. The only dislike about that roller coaster is that is super rough and your bumping your head a lot and you get a headache right after it, you have to really like it in order to go on that ride again.

18.2% likes roller coasters that are high because you feel so many emotions about it and scream for your dear life when that drop comes but in the end of the ride you just laugh about t ans how much fun you had. High roller coasters tend to be so fun but other people think of is as not because it may be high but the speed towards it may not be the best. high coasters tend to give people a little bit of fear in them to not go. the roller coaster “El Toro” also located in Six Flags is high and has a big drop in the beginning and the speed with it goes perfectly because its super fast too.


Roller Coasters Give people an amazing time or bad one but rides aren’t for everyone and its believed you should always face your fears.