McCauley hosts Fusion Night 2017


Photo Credit: Afrah Momin

From last night's Fusion Fashion Show

By: Afrah Momin, Spring Reporter

Ms. McCauley hosted another fun, festive Fusion Night at Colonia High School on April 6, 2017.

Fusion Night is an event that welcomes all kinds of cultures from around the world: Indian, Portuguese, Chinese, ect. In a conversation with Ms. McCauley, she stated that: “she worked with Ms. Merkel and Ms. Kaur before she took over Fusion. But, after both of them left, Ms. McCauley handled the responsibility of Fusion around 2007 or 2008.” She also mentioned that the event has been around for almost 20 years!

Fusion is not only for entertaining the audience with all kinds of food and music from various cultures, but also acknowledging the fact of how these different cultures makes up the community of Colonia High School. It’s always very intriguing to see what people from their culture bring to Fusion. Last night’s Fusion was a success!

There were a lot of great performances last night, but only a few stood out to be the best: Eugene Baek’s Korean song wooed some of the ladies in the audience, Keiko’s cover of The Only Exception by Paramore brought me back to my middle school years, and last but not least, a dance group called Saviors, featuring (Diya Pujara, Shivani Patel, Misri Patel, Maria Brock, Frankie Brock, Manasa Kallur, and Amanda Kavaja) who danced to Bollywood music made me appreciate my culture even more.

This was my third year attending the event, and there is something new every time I go. I love how Ms. McCauley still uses the same decorations for Fusion, but comes up with new centerpieces every year. I love the lights and saris that she uses for decorations.  Although Fusion may be a lot of responsibility, Ms. McCauley sure knows how to throw an amazing event that makes us want to keep coming back for more!

The food was very delicious. There was Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Portuguese cuisine, to name a few. I love how students every year volunteer to bring their own cultural food to an event like Fusion. The food is always delicious every time I go. I never get to see so many different types of food everyday and I’m glad a lot of people have an interest in tasting new food from various cultural backgrounds.

An event like Fusion is something you won’t see everyday. Fusion Night at Colonia High is not just an event welcoming people to see what cultures surround our school, but also show how so many different cultures bring together a whole community. I recommend buying tickets for next year. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.