A Cry For Help: Syria

In article from CNN, Syria has been going through a civil war since 2011.  During that year, a revolution of violent and non-violent protests went on across the Middle East and North Africa known as the “Arab Spring.” These protests were held against the Tunisian president – Zine El Abidine, and Egyptian President – Hosni Mubarak.

In addition to that, during the month of March, peaceful protests occurred in Syria. In an article from Al Jazeera, it states that: “Fifteen boys were detained and tortured for having written graffiti in support of the Arab Spring.”  Four months later, a rebel group known as the “Free Syrian Army” had formed. They had overthrown the Syrian government, which caused Syria to get involved into a civil war.

Since there are so many Syrian incidents, I can only address a few: First, the multiple bombings that transpired in Aleppo on October 2012. Second, ISIL militants reportedly executed  175 workers at a cemetery factory near east of Damascus on April 8, 2016. And most recently, the chemical attack that happened in Syria on April 4, 2017.

In regards to this main concern, the question I would like to ask is: “Why do so many people acknowledge only the issues that arise within their country or countries they feel need more attention?” For instance, two years ago, Paris was enduring violent, terror attacks which caused the deaths of 129 people.  After that, everyone changed their Facebook profile pictures to “Pray for Paris.”

Yet, no one seems to be recognizing the Syrian peoples’ struggles. If Facebook can provide profile frames regarding to matters that only the media talks about, why don’t they show some care for countries that need help too?

Why is that we only concern ourselves with matters we feel are more important to us? Why not address all of them? We are a nation who has involved ourselves in so many foreign affairs, but when it comes to sensitive issues like Syria, no one wants to talk about it. Reaching out to the adults and children who are in dire need of help will bring immense joy to them.

You don’t need to visit the country, you can help them out right at home. An article from Global Citizen provides 15 ways you can help out Syrian refugees but here are a few easy ones:

First, you can donate or volunteer with the International Rescue Committee. Second, you can donate to the International Red Cross. However, if you want to get closer with these refugees, just write a letter to them through CARE.

Providing help to those in need will bring so much change to the world. We need to start helping as many as we can. More and more innocent lives are being taken each day. Syria needs our help. Donate or volunteer today. These parents and children need to have a secure life.