Everything, Everything is everything you want in a love story


Photo Credit: Emily Vogler

The beautiful cover of the amazing book

By: Emily Vogler, Spring Reporter

In 2015, the book Everything, Everything was written by Nicola Yoon. On May 19, 2017 the movie version of this book will be released.

The book is about a teenager named Madeline. She suffers from a very rare disease called SCID. That basically means that she is allergic to the world around her so,  she is not allowed to leave her house. She has to live in a germ free environment or she could die. Everyday she follows the same routine so it’s like a repetition of the day before. There are only two people that she is allowed to talk to which is her mom and her nurse, Carla.

Everything changes when she sees her new neighbor next door. His name is Olly. He is a very kind boy with a rough family. His dad is an alcoholic and is very rude to the rest of the family. After a while, Maddy gets tired of staying in the house everyday and she decides to try and go out to see Olly and experience what life is like outside the house.

According to Teen Reads, all of the illustrations were drawn by Nicola Yoon’s husband, David Yoon. The illustrations add “a bit of quirkiness” to the book. Charts are shown throughout the book. Those charts have the conversations between Madeline and Olly.

According to Common Sense Media, this book should be read by teens or older. There is some cursing throughout the book, but it is not that often. Just to warn parents, there is a time in the book where things get a little too inappropriate for children.

I personally loved this book. This book is very unique and interesting. It was very interesting to learn about SCID. The only thing that I wasn’t crazy about was the ending. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’m not going to say much. But, the ending was something that I wasn’t expecting and it seemed very rushed. Except for that, the book was really good. But, I do not recommend this book for anyone under the ages of thirteen or fourteen.

As I said before, on May 19, 2017 the movie version of this book will be released. The movie was directed by Stella Meghie. The actor who will be playing the role of Maddy is Amandla Stenberg and the actor who will be playing Olly is Nick Robinson. Which one will be better the book or the movie?