Grey’s Anatomy got to go


Meredith Grey is the main character of Grey’s Anatomy.

Over the 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy many drastic changes have occurred. The style of the show, the deaths of beloved characters, and the surgery’s. In my opinion Grey’s Anatomy should end.  

Before the many death’s in the show, this is the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy first premiered in 2005, airing 14 seasons so far. Grey’s is a very popular show, but enough is a enough.

Currently, there is only four characters that is still on the show from season one. They are Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, and Richard Webber.

At the end of the current season two characters are leaving, Arizona Robbins (been on 10 seasons) and April Kepner (been on 9 seasons). The viewers will find out if Kepner and Robbins will die or just leave Grey Sloan Memorial hospital at the end of season 14.

Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show, but at a fans point of view I think they should just cancel the show. The show changed dramatically between the 14 seasons. Some of the changes are good, but a lot of them are bad.

Surgeries are going down hill

The surgeons are getting ready to open up their patients. In Grey’s Anatomy the surgery takes place every episode.

One thing that has dramatically changed is the surgeries. For the first eight seasons the surgeries were bloody and creative. In season two, two patients were connected together by a pole from a train crash. That was an exciting surgery to watch. That surgery got viewers at the edge of their seat waiting to see if the patients will survive.

The most exciting surgery in season 14 was a brain tumor. The season is not over yet so their might be a more exciting surgery, but a brain tumor surgery has minimal complications. From a viewer’s perspective, it’s not very exciting. 

The patients with the pole surgery had so many challenges. The surgeons had difficulty with the surgery because the pole went through many organs. The suspense of the situation makes the show interesting.

In season three, they were adult conjoined twins who skin was attach to one another.  That was an exciting surgery to watch.

Fourteen seasons is a very long time to air a TV show. After 14 seasons, it’s hard to come up with interesting surgeries.

Replacing characters

Before the death of Derek Shepard, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard are happily married with two kids.

Next, many characters passed away on the show or left. The characters who left or die were fan favorites. The show tries to create new characters to have the same personality and story line has the old characters, but that’s unfair. No one can replace the dead or absent characters.

For example, in season 10, Derek Shepherd died. The very charming neurosurgery Shepard is married to Meredith Grey. In season 12, a new character Nathan Riggs appears and he is a love interest for Grey . Riggs has about the same personality as Shepard and has great hair. It felt like the show was trying to replace Doctor Shepard.

Lastly, another dramatic change in the show is the building and technology. I understand that the hospital should keep up with the times and shouldn’t be consider to be old fashion. I’m tired of watching episode over episode of a situation occurred from the technology glitch or broke. 

The ratings for Grey’s are very high. According to Variety on the shows 300 episode there was bout 8.13 million viewers. In total Grey’s Anatomy has 312 episode since April 12.

According to Av News, Grey’s did get renewed by ABC, becoming the longest ABC running prime time drama series.Which I think it shouldn’t have. I want to remember Grey’s as an intriguing show, not a show that is lacking creativity.

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