The Giver: a book you don’t want to miss

This novel is such a famous novel, as a result it is read by many.

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This novel is such a famous novel, as a result it is read by many.

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The Giver is a classic Science fiction novel that stands the test of time, and everyone should consider reading it. The Giver has many shocking twists and turns that will keep readers on their feet.

About the novel

The setting is first portrayed as a Utopian society. A Utopian society is an community that possesses nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. When the story progress, it turns out the story takes place in a Dystopia. A Dystopia is  a community with frightening qualities.

This novel takes place in a world that chooses everything for you. For example, your name, job, family, and your way of life. Every life decision is picked out for Jonas’ community by a council. When Jonas turns twelve years old, him and his friends find out their jobs.

In this Utopian society, there’s no hunger, depression, and poverty. Furthermore, no one gets angry or sad. Everyone is always happy because none of the characters experienced pain. The people from this community are in a bubble from the outside world.

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The book was very popular, as a result The Giver became a movie. This is the cast including many A list celebrities.

Jonas job was Receiver of Memory. Receiver of Memory stores all the memories that the people in the community don’t need or want to know. Jonas learns the truth about his community and its secrets. His job is to keep the secrets, so no one in his community will discover that the world isn’t perfect. On top of that, Jonas sees color for the first time and fear while the other citizens can’t.

When Jonas discovers all these memories he develops a sense from what is right and wrong, a sense that many people of his community don’t have.

This novel has so many plot twist and will keep you on your feet. I really recommend this book to anyone.

Interesting facts about The Giver

First of all, The Giver was written by Louis Lowry and was published in 1993. Lowry wrote numerous of novels, including Number the Stars, Messenger, and Son.  According to The Atlantic, The Giver sold more than 5.3 million copies and won a Newbery Medal in 1994.

A Newbery Medal  is awarded annually by the American Library Association for the most distinguished American children’s book published the previous year, according to ALSC.

An interesting fact is The Giver was inspired by Lowry father who lost much of his long term memory.  Another interesting fact, according to Mental Floss, a painter name Nelson influenced her book.

Lastly, The Giver became a movie in 2014. The movie was nominated for a People Choice Award in 2015 for favorite dramatic movie, but sadly lost to The Fault in Our Stars.





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