Girls’ basketball takes on a new season

Colonia girls basketball ready to take on Irvington

Photo Credit: Photo by Coach Mentzel from twitter used with permission

Colonia girls basketball ready to take on Irvington

By: Basma Marghany, Reporter

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On Monday November 12 the girls’ basketball held tryouts after school in the Colonia High School’s gymnasium. A lot of talents came out and tried out for the team.

According to Coach Mentzel, the girls’ basketball coach, “Last season was a difficult season, we started with a record of 2-3 but fell to tough opponents and ended up 3-18.” Although, it was a tough season it taught them a lot Coach Metnzel added. “Personally I learned a lot from this season than winning nine games the year before.”

The girls’ basketball team started conditioning all through the fall. They practiced two days a week and played in a summer league in Clark, which began the first week of June. All this eventually led to tryouts on November 12.

Senior Cruz Mendez added “It was rough season, it taught me besides wins and loses the only thing you have is your team. ” Last year Cruz had 23 rebounds but averaged .5 points per game.


Even though last season wasn’t their best they have high expectations for this season. Coach Mentzel stated, “Despite the tough season last year, I have high expectations for a bounce back season.”  He also added “we have a very fast, athletic team that our new scheme will allow us to be much more aggressive.” Coach Mentzel also added “the girls are all so friendly with each other off the court and it’s leading to great chemistry at games and practices.”

The team lost graduate Alexis Banko who averaged 2.8 points per game last year. Kaitlynn Kelly and Brianna Rennie also graduated.

New to the team is Freshman Alyssa Ramos. She added, “I expect us to have an equal amount of wins and loses and to have a better season than last year.” They sure have big goals for the season Ramos stated, “I want to become better as an athlete, and grow stronger bonds with the team.”

Agreeing with Ramos, Mendez added,”I want to be a leader for the younger girls and to build a stronger bond with the younger girls.”

When asking senior Casey Mulroony about her goals for this season as a Patriot,  she said, “I want us to be a 500 team (have an equal amount of wins and loses) and to build a team bond.”

The basketball season is ready to take on a fruitful season. Their first game is away at Bishop Ahr on December 14.  Although their first game is an away game, their first home game is against Edison on December 18 at 5:30 P.M.. They will also be celebrating their seniors on senior night. Their senior night will be on their 5th home game against New Brunswick at 5:30 P.M. Make sure to come out and support the team as they take on the season.