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Advantages of Hunting

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Advantages of Hunting

By: Julie Santos, Reporter

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Hunting has been part of humanity since our first settlements. In our human existence we have be hunters and gathers to as a means to feed ourselves. In modern society, hunting may not necessary to get food because of the prevalence of farming and croplands. It’s still part of many cultures, ethnicity and part of current lifestyles.

As the world along with the people in it evolve, the reasons for hunting change just like transportation. Before Karl Benz invented the car motor people relied on horses.  People relied on hunting to feed their families until we industrialized farming.

It controls wildlife populations

Unfortunately due to over construction of suburban areas, we have to keep a balance of wildlife to people. For the reason that deer especially cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem. Deer are very opportunist animals that can safely eat more than 700 different plant species. They are also adaptable, moving into communities and suburban areas to find cover, food, and security. The amount of damage they can cause in one day on a single property could total several thousand dollars. Hunting is a way to maintain control of the local wildlife population.

It reduces vehicle collisions

Cars and deer make a lethal combination.  The United States alone accumulate a collective 200 hundred deaths a year cause by deer-vehicle collision. As the deer community tend to over populate over the off season. Male deer tend to move into communities, and suburban areas during their mating seasons in search for a mate. In combination with an increase of urban sprawl and more roads begging constructed through wildlife habits have displace the deer and animals alike from their natural homes.   leading to an increase in animal related accidents around the nation. Estimated 1.23 million deer-vehicle collisions occurred in the U.S. between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. They can cost more than $4 billion in vehicle damage, according to State Farm. Therefor, having a regulated hunting season to maintain the animal population in growing states can help reduce the mortality rate both humans and animals.

Teaches discipline with Mother Nature

Mother Nature is a force to be reawaken with.  Any well versed hunter knows to respect her powers and her creatures. It is necessary to learn about the outdoors. It gives you a sense of discipline, to respect the very thing sustain your every existence. Without the world and all of it’s fruits we as humans wouldn’t be alive.  You must be able to recognize animal trails and habits. You should know how to track animals in case you get lost and have to navigate your way back to help. It is a chance to discover the outdoors in a way that cannot be experienced by watching TV or walking along a well-developed nature trail.

Helps improve the environment

Let’s imagine a world of no one hunting just using the resources that agriculture gives us.  Eventually, the animal population would out number humans by a lot. Causing animals to move into cities, and towns. Over grazing fields and lawns. They’ll slow deplete the environment, and leave nothing for the rest. With hunting we can not only appreciate every life for what they are, but keep a natural balance within our ecosystem.

Hunting isn’t something we should play with. Every state has their rules and regulations to maintain a healthy balance of hunting and restoration be sure to visit for more information.


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Advantages of Hunting