IHOP helps you get in the holiday spirit


Photo Credit: photo by basma marghany

Ihop's minty hot chocolate ad

With the holiday’s approaching a lot of restaurants are offering holiday specials. Ihop is offering its holiday menu with the following items: Minty Who-Hot Chocolate, Grinch’s Green Pancakes and Who-Roast Beast Omelet. These festive options are said to “grow you appetite three sizes” but are only available for a limited time.

What a better way  get in the holiday spirit than getting together with your families  at Ihop. Their Grinch pancakes consist of  pancakes mixed with green food coloring, topped with cream cheese icing and green whipped cream and red heart-shaped sprinkles. For $4.99 you, receive four green buttermilk pancakes of a decent size.

In addition, the minty hot chocolate is a mix of hot chocolate with mint syrup, and it’s topped with green whipped cream. If you are counting calories, the Minty Who-Hot Chocolate will set you back 360 calories. But it won’t hurt your wallet; the beverage costs $2.99.

The Who-Roast Beast Omelet is an omelet filled with hash browns, two cheeses, shredded beef,  jalapeño and onion blend. The meal can be topped with more cheese or a tangy BBQ sauce. The cost for this 1400 calorie meal is $10.99.

It’s not only for kids to get in the holiday spirit, but adults as well.  It will certainly take you back to the days when you were a kid.


Ihop is open everyday from 7:00 am to 12:00 am holiday hours may differ . Not to say, the service is incredible, and the servers are really friendly. Ihop is crowded almost all the time.  Sadly, they don’t take reservations so there might be days that it will take you a while  to get your table. Therefore,  you might want to get there early, so  you could get a table before the morning rush .  For me personally it didn’t take me long to get my table

Not only will that Ihop  will be crowded but also their parking lot  . Depending on which Ihop you go to their might be extra room for you to park, but most of the time their parking lot is pretty crowded .


Ihop is always decorated depending on the season . For the holiday season it’s decorated with red bows all over the walls. They also have Christmas  tree set up right next to the cashier . Some of their red bows are also hanged on the chandliers .


Overall Ihop is a great place to take your family and help get in the holiday spirit. Their service is great and the people there are so nice, and if you are a person who enjoys listening  to Christmas  music this time of the year they will always have holiday music on. So Overall Ihop is a great place to take your families all year around .