Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is great for children


Photo Credit: Photo via Freeform under Creative Commons license

Watch Mickey and his friends with your family to spread holiday cheer.

By: Emily Vogler, Editor

With the holidays approaching next week, Christmas movies are showing nationally on several channels of TV. One holiday movie shown on the Disney channel is Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. This heart-warming movie came out in 1999.

Several well-known Disney characters light this movie up such as Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and of course Mickey. Throughout the movie there are three different parts. The first part is “Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas.” The next part is “A Very Goofy Christmas.” The last part is “Mickey & Minnie’s Gift of the Magi.” These three parts show the characters mentioned above celebrating the holidays.

According to Common Sense Media, “Parents need to know that this DVD includes five short stories about Christmastime, all of which are fine for preschoolers and up. There’s no violence or language (just some pushing and shoving during an ice-skating competition and a few pratfalls). But one of the vignettes, does feature some mild flirting, hand-holding, and a near-kiss between Max and his girlfriend. All of the segments teach little lessons about showing generosity and kindness toward both loved ones and strangers during the holidays.”

This is a very good and cute Christmas movie for all ages, especially younger kids. The comments above are to inform parents about the events that their children may ask about. According to Google users 92% liked this movie. This movie is available on Netflix, DVD, on TV channels, especially Disney Channel and more. I especially enjoy it, watching it ever since I was a child. I rate it 4 out of 5 presents on the present scale.