Top technological & scientific advancements that shocked the world in 2018

Scientists are constantly discovering new information that is changing our world as we know it!

Photo Credit: Photo via NASA's Solar System Exploration under Creative Commons License

Scientists are constantly discovering new information that is changing our world as we know it!

By: Isabella Wnek, Reporter

2018 was a big, breakthrough year for many scientists and inventors. These breakthroughs can impact how we view the world today. Here are the top 5 scientific discoveries and achievements that changed the world in 2018.

5) Scientists found a way to grow meat without using animals

Throughout the past few years, there has been much controversy about the human consumption of meat and animal cruelty. There has been much anti-animal cruelty propaganda on social media and promoting of vegan views and core beliefs. However, people might once again start incorporating meat into their diets without the guilt of animal slaughter. After numerous studies and genetic experimenting, scientists claim that they have finally discovered a way to grow meat without hurting animals using their stem cells. Although there is still much work to go before becoming a replacement for livestock, it is the first step to ending animal cruelty.

4) Chinese Scientists found a way to clone monkeys

Two decades ago, British scientists used a cloning technique that cloned a sheep they named Dolly. The experiment was successful, there were many mistakes made and there were still many questions regarding the experiment’s safety and efficiency. However, this year Chinese scientists successfully cloned monkeys using the same technique. This discovery broke barriers to human cloning and inspired future testing.

3) Two Men attempting to cross Antarctica unsupported

Two adventurers, American adventure athlete Colin O’Brady and British Army Capitan  Louis Rudd, have decided to embark on a journey to make history. Armed in their high-tech snow gear and freeze-dried food supplies, they have begun their expedition on the Ronne Ice Shelf on October 31, 2018. Their initial goal is to cross 921 miles of snow and ice on foot, with their 375-pound backpacks and gear. Their accomplishment will not only be a record-breaking act, but it will also be a scientific breakthrough in mapping Antarctica and measuring the lengths of livability in such freezing climates.

2) Ghost Particle found in Antarctica

On the topic of the Antarctica, a team of international scientists have made an astronomical scientific breakthrough. High-energy cosmic neutrinos were detected in the South Pole by orbiting satellites. These neutrinos are black matter particles that were born right after the Big Bang. This makes them more than 15 billion years old. Their origins shocked scientists when they discovered that the neutrinos came from a monstrous black hole. This astronomical discovery will give scientists more detail on the way black holes work and possible information on the deepest parts of our universe.   

1) Tesla Car In Space

SpaceX owner, Elon Musk, shot a Tesla Rockster car with a test drive dummy into space in February 2018. The car is currently just floating above Earth’s atmosphere, orbiting our planet. The meaning behind this publicity stunt was to celebrate SpaceX’s big achievement in launching the company’s first monster rocket, named Falcon Heavy, into space. This event marks a significant breakthrough in rocket technology, making more powerful rocket missions possible.