Review of 2018’s music

Review of 2018's music

2018 was a year of many different music. From different albums to singles, it was a great year for music.

No matter what kind of music you’re into, each year brings you a different range of music you may or may not love. Artists in 2018 released so many different genres of music. With all of these genres, there’s something for everyone to listen to. Personally, there was a bunch of different albums released this year I loved, and a bunch I didn’t even care about. Yes, there were definitely some releases that would’ve been better not released, there’s a lot that blessed our ears.

“Astroworld” – Travis Scott

Popular rapper, Travis Scott, released his album on August 3, 2018. Scott’s album has become a complete hit, being streamed by people around the world. Its even nominated for a grammy this year under the Rap Album category. Scott is also going on tour in 2019 for this album, and his show has been sold out in multiple different venues. “Astroworld” contains hit songs like “SICKO MODE”, “NO BYSTANDERS”, “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”, and others. These songs have reached the charts, and is continuing to be popular all around the world.

“Sweetener” – Ariana Grande

Pop singer, Ariana Grande, released her fourth album on August 17, 2018. This album included her first pieces of work after the Manchester bombing at one of her tour stops last year. This album included songs that talked about anxiety, breakups, depression, love, happiness, and everything under the song rainbow. Ariana Grande became one of the most famous female singers in the world, and she became that while sending out the right messages to her fans. Her album including, “breathin”, “God is a woman”, and “No Tears Left to Cry” has been nominated for two Grammys. Grande is continuing with her work, having rumored to release another album in the early months of 2019.

“Scorpion” – Drake

Hip hop singer, Drake, released his two-part album on June 29, 2018. “Scorpion” instantly became a fan favorite and was on the charts for weeks. This album had a bunch of different types of songs that ranged from upbeat to depressing and putting you in your feelings. Drakes album was named the top album of the year for 2018. This album is nominated for Grammy Album of the Year. Including songs like “God’s Plan”, “Nice For What”, and “I’m Upset” it was an album filled with hits. The albums one song, “In My Feelings”, even had a viral dance challenge that people everywhere were participating in.


“Invasion of Privacy” – Cardi B

Cardi B released her debut album on April 5, 2018. Cardi B has had a lot of controversy in the past (and present), but her album was very well-streamed and was loved by many. Her album included a lot of songs that people can relate to, like breakups, love, relationships, friendships, etc. However, there were some flaws in this album. This is that most of the songs had the same sounds and had the same, not really music, tune. This album included songs like, “Bodak Yellow”, “Drip”, and “I Like It”. “Invasion of Privacy” is nominated for Grammy Album of the Year and Best Rap Album. 2018 was Cardi B’s year, and she really let it shine.


Concluding the year of music, it was a great one. We should say thank you to 2018 for giving us a variety of music choices that we can listen to when we’re feeling any type of emotion. Music is an escape for many, and without the artists releasing their work, we wouldn’t be able to have that. Here’s to 2019, hopefully it brings more music that we can jam out to.

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