CHS runners take their mark on a new season


Photo Credit: th decleraion stff

With winter track is over, the spring track is ready to take on a successful season. On Friday March 1 the running patriots started their journey towards excellence.


Coach Quick (head girls coach ) and Coach Mccoy ( Assistant Coach) are both looking for a successful and fun season . This year the team consists many underclassmen. Having a lot more underclassmen  puts the team at an advantage for future years  Coach Quick stated, ” I expect us to develop the young team members to be productive team members, I also expect a lot of PRs (personal records) in all events whether it’s jumping sprinting ,or distance.”  Coach Mccoy  added” it’s bitter sweet to see the upper class-men leave, but now that we have a lot more underclassmen we have four years to build a stronger team. ”

The Boy’s team is coached by Coach Csapo ( head boys coach), Coach Raz (throwing coach), and Coach Manzella (sprinting Coach). They’re wishing for a successful season as well. Coach Csapo stated, “We will strive to improve upon our record from last year by having our athletes set goals and expectations for themselves and continually improve self based work on the underclass men and instill dedication, commitment, and perseverance.”

The Team

The Girls team  sure has big plans for season. According to freshmen Julia Aroccho first year distance runner/sprinter. She said,  “I plan to score enough points that will earn me a varsity award. I also plan on improving my times whether it’s a sprinting or distance events . I also want to  build stronger bonds with the team.” Agreeing with Arrocho sophomore Roksana Najar added, “this season I want to improve my times and build a strong bond with the girls on the team and build lasting friendships.”

Like the girls team the boys team also has big plans for this season junior Brandon Weise stated,  ” This season I want to improve my 400 hurdles PR (personal record) and possibly beat the school record.”


This year track meets are taking a different route. Instead of having dual meets they’re moving onto batch meets. Batch meets allow both teams to compete against a lot more schools . Not only that it gives them the opportunity to compete against a lot more meets, but it also gives the athlete the opportunities to compete in many other events.