The Finisher has action that keeps you on your feet


Photo Credit: Isabella Wnek

The stunning cover of The Finisher is a work of art that can easily catch the attention of curious readers.

By: Isabella Wnek, Reporter

The Finisher by David Baldacci is an action & adventure book that surrounds a heroine named Vega Jane and her adventures in a fictional world. The author of the book, David Baldacci, is a bestselling American novelist who specializes in writing thrillers and young adult adventure novels. His book, The Finisher is the first novel of four in the Vega Jane series.

The synopsis

The book focuses on Vega Jane, a teenage girl who lived in the village of Wormwood for her entire life. Surrounding the village of Wormwood is a dark, dangerous forest named “the Quag.” Vega never dreams of going into the Quag. But this changes the moment she witnesses her mentor Quentin Herms running for his life right into it. After this strange experience, Vega begins to question her role in Wormwood and whether there is something beyond Wormwood. As her suspicions grow, she discovers more and more clues that lead her on a dangerous journey to figure out the dark truth. Yet the more she knows, the trickier her life becomes.

Reader’s Review

The great part about this book is that it grabs your attention right from the start. There lingering suspense in the way Baldacci writes which makes you want to keep reading. The anticipation and tension set by the tone of the author is very natural and fits very well with the plot. It allows the events in the plot to flow smoothly, as well as keep the story engaging throughout the entire novel. The personalities of the characters are very vivid and descriptive. This allows them to be relatable and their behavior seem more natural for the fantastical events.

Though the novel is an adventure book about a journey, the story carries powerful morals. There are powerful messages of friendship, family, morality, understanding one’s value and justice. These morals present themselves through the protagonist’s struggles in her everyday world and how she wants to discover her worth.

The dialect used in the book is British mixed with fictitious terms used by the people living in Wormwood. Due to this, it might be a little tricky at first to understand. But the reader can easily adjust to it after the first few chapters. Using he description of the imaginary world of Wormwood and the protagonists magical experiences, the reader can easily visualize Vega Jane’s adventures. It is very easy to find oneself experiencing Vega Jane’s adventures. Many readers forget that they are just reading a normal book! The events of the book can escalate very quickly, creating a mood of suspense and lingering curiosity for the audience.

Recommended Audience

This book would be ideal for people who enjoy dystonia and fantasy books. The story allows the audience to look through the mind of the protagonist and her thoughts due to its first-person written nature. The book is heavy on description and action-packed chapters. The characters are realistic and have well-rounded personalities. It is a great adventure novel to read for one’s own entertainment. However, due there is much-advanced language and many darker topics in the book. Due to this, the book is recommended for an older and more mature audience of teens over twelve.