Coach of The Year Award given to Coach Cyrana

The honorable Coach Cyrana diligently reviews the results of the Colonia high school pep-rally.

The honorable Coach Cyrana diligently reviews the results of the Colonia high school pep-rally.

By: Julie Dos Santos, Reporter

The NFHS Coaches Association presents the Coach of the Year Award to a deserving coach. However, the qualification for the award are rigorous. it’s not given to just any coach.

There are many crucial requirements to receive this award. The first one is that all coaches must have the proper certifications to coach. Next, the coach must be a resident in New Jersey. In addition, they must be a head coach of a school for at least 3 years. Lastly, the nominees must be involved in the community outside of the sport.  The decision making process is just as rigorous as the qualifications. The board reviews 200 coaches in the state of New Jersey alone.

It is to no surprise that Colonia’s very own Ana Cyrana won the award.

The NFHS Coach Association present the Coach of The Year Award to Colonia’s head softball Coach Ana Cyrana. Photo via google images under the Creative Commons License.

About Coach Cyrana.

Coach Cyrana is the head coach of the Colonia Softball program. She’s been the spearhead of the program for about 17 years. As of last year she racked in her 200 win.

She is a physical education teacher at Colonia high school and well know by the township. She runs softball camps for the local Colonia Girl rec leagues. Cyrana is very involved in her community. Every year she holds a tournament to raise money for Autism. She also partners with the school and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to raise money for people living with spinal cord injuries and families. Cyrana actively takes care of her elderly father while juggling all the work she does as a teacher, coach, and mentor.

Coach Cyrana started her career as a coach working under Coach LaSala. She was the assistant coach for the softball team. She also assisted coaching with the Colonia girls soccer team. Coach Cyrana graduated from John F. Kennedy Memorial High School where she played softball. Later she earned her degree  at Rutgers University as a computer major. She returned back to Colonia to start her teaching career in Physical education and health.

Her feelings on the award.

While know to the faculty and staff that Coach Ana Cyranna won ‘’the Coach of the Year Award.’’ The shock came to the recipient herself. “ I had no idea that I was even in the running for the award,’’ Cyrana said. ‘’ It’s nice to get that recognition, because that means that I’m doing something right. I was doing what a coach should be doing. It motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing.’’ 

What the team feels.

However, as for the senior girls on the team they saw this award coming for their coach. The softball team has a very close knit relationship with Coach Cyrana and are very proud of her. Senior Captain Caitlyn Hroncich said, ” I expected nothing less from Coach.” The girls not only saw the growth of themselves, but the growth of their coach. Coach Cryana always strives for improvement and success.