A Thousands Pieces Of You blends science, adventure and romance

Due to the amazing writing of Claudia Grey , A Thousands pieces of you earned a rating of 3.92

Photo Credit: The Deceleration staff

Due to the amazing writing of Claudia Grey , A Thousands pieces of you earned a rating of 3.92

By: Basma Marghany, reporter

A Thousand Pieces of You is a book written by New York Times best selling author Claudia Grey. This book was published on October 20, 2014. This book is a mixed of science and adventure fiction. However, there is a huge romantic aspect within the story.

The book

The main character of the book is Marguerite Caine who is an artist in a family full of scientists. Caine always felt that she was not special and not smart enough as the rest of her family. Her life goes down hill while she strives to find the truth and catch her father’s killer. Her father’s killer happens to be someone she fell in love with.  Throughout the novel, her adventures and her decisions gets harder and harder.

The cover portrays a picture of the city divided in half. The first half is a modern city and the bottom half is an ancient city . The cover foreshadows the travelling of Marguerite through time looking for the truth, which will be surprisingly logical at the end. The author writes the book including lots of details that provide a full image of each scene. Also, there are flashbacks that Caine gets that provide the readers with the full story of how she fell in love, as well as a sight of her past life before all the accidents that happen throughout the story.


In my opinion the book portrayed a good sequence of events. I liked the story for numerous of reasons. First, this novel had a lot of details and the events fell in a great sequence. Also when reading this book I felt like I was in the story line myself , I was constantly reading to see what happens next . My favorite character was the boy because even though he knew Caine didn’t like him he was still their. He didn’t give up on her. He was still trying to be there for her. If I would choose a character to live in their lives, I would definitely live the life of  Caine. I felt like her life would be the most interesting to live in.