Boys soccer felicitate their seniors


Photo Credit: Basma Marghany

Senior boys stop for a quick pose before they take on Edison on their senior night

By: Basma Marghany, Editor

On Tuesday, October 11th, the boys’ soccer team gathered and celebrated their seniors during their game against Edison High School.

The Seniors

This year the team is losing a great deal of seniors. There are nine graduating seniors on the team. Some of the seniors on the team are Gabe Cruz, Karim Askar, Patrick Fila, Marc Nykolyn, Prince Akuoko, Dan Sosiak, Julian Cardona, Jesse Warth, Christian Rhodes. This group of seniors have had a pretty strong last season.  They finished with a season record of 11-3-2 (winning 11 games ,losing 2 and tying 2).

When asking them about their favorite memory of high school soccer Akuoko responded, ” My favorite memory is qualifying for GMCs and states.”

Fila added, ” My favorite memory this season is finishing as high as we did in the division this season.”  With their season ending there are a lot of things this group of boy will miss about playing high school soccer.

When asked what’s one thing they will miss about high school soccer Askar replied, ” I will miss my teammates and coaches.”

Adding to what Askar said Sosiak added, ” I will miss the atmosphere in the locker room right before a game.”

What’s next

With this being their last season of high school, It’s time to think about the future. Some of the seniors on the team will continue their soccer journey past high school. Some of the seniors who will be continuing their soccer journey after high school are Gabe Cruz, Marc Nykolyn, and Dan Sosiak. Although very excited to start their journey after high school. They’re not sure where they will be playing next year just yet.

Senior soccer boy stand tall and proud as they pose for one last picture on the Colonia field with their team.

The Game

Even though they have had a really strong season, they fell short to Edison on their senior night, losing the game 2-1. The Patriots went in the game ready to attack. They scored the first goal in less than a minute into the game. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the game 2-1 in overtime.

Moving forward to the State Tournament, Colonia is projected to be seated in the number two slot of the North 2, Group 3. It is projected that they might face Irvington in the first round. Patriot fans look forward to cheering the boys to victory who ever they faced.