Yankees year in review 2019, the chase for 28 continues


Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia commons under the creative commons license

Despite putting up a great fight, the Yankees failed to win the world series for the 10th year in a row

By: Matthew Mendives, editor

In 2019 the Yankees played their 118 season. They won 103 games and won the AL east division title but lost in the American league championship series to the Houston Astros.

On January 11 Zack Britton signed a 3 year, 39 million dollar extension deal with the Yankees. D.J Lemahieu signed a 2 year, 24 million dollar contract on January 14. The Yankees started their season on March 28, beating the Orioles 7-2. On April 12, less than a month into the season Gary Sanchez became the 12 player to be placed on the injury list (IL). Because of all the injuries, Cameron Maybin was picked up. They got off to a 6-9 start, but rebounded after sweeping the Red Sox.  As a result of the upcoming trade deadline on June 15 Edwin Encarnacion was traded to the Yankees. They completed a sweep of the Rays on June 19, taking a 3 and a half game lead on the AL east. On June 29 and June 30, the Yankees played the Red Sox in London. They won both of those games.

Due to their great plays throughout the season,  D.J Lemahieu, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Masahiro Tanaka and Aroldis Chapman made the all star team. On July 15 the 2019 Yankee battle cry “my guys are savages in that box” was born in an argument between Aaron Boone and the umpire. July 31 saw the Yankees stand put at the trade deadline as the Astros got Zack Greinke. Gleyber Torres hit his 13 home run against the Orioles on August 14, setting a record for the division era. On September 19 the Yankees clinched the AL east in a win over the Angels.

The Yankees completed a sweep of the Twins in the ALDS on October 7. On October 19 they lost the ALCS to the Astros on a Jose Altuve walkoff homerun. Just two days later CC Sabatia offically announced his retirement. Most noteworthy, Gerrit Cole joined the Yankees on a record 324 million dollar deal on December 11. The same day Didi Gregorius signed with the Phillies. Just one day after the Yankees brought back Brett Gardner on a 1 year, 12.5 million dollar contract. On December 24 the Yankees let Dellin Betances sign with the Mets.

The 2019 Yankee season was an emotional roller coaster. Yankees won 103 games and were 2 games away from the world series despite setting a record for most players on the IL in a season. The Yankees have made 2 majors moves, signing Gerrit Cole and re-signing Brett Gardner. These are great moves but there is more work to be done. Move number 1 is to trade for Josh Hader. My best guess for a trade package for Hader is Andujar, Florial, Abreu and King. The other move is to sign another outfielder, Yasiel Puig and Marcell Ozuna are options.

The reason I believe the Yankees should trade for Hader is to solidify the bullpen and clear up a log jam at third base. Andujar and Urshela are 2 starting level 3 baseman, so it’s best to trade one of them so you don’t waste their talent. I believe they should go for an outfielder. I believe this because I don’t believe Stanton can play outfield for a whole year. If you don’t count Stanton as an outfielder, that means the Yankees would only have 3 major league level outfielders, which means no backup. Puig or Ozuna can give the Yankees a very reliable bat and glove.

Some people are concerned with Hader because of is play in the playoffs last year, but i’m not. Hader has pitched in 9 playoff games in his career and has only given up a run in one of them. The odds show he’s more likely to be good in the playoffs than bad. Some people also believe Stanton can play the outfield for the entire season, but the numbers don’t support this. In the 9 seasons where he’s been a primary outfielder, he’s only stayed healthy 3 times. In his year as a DH in 2018 he played 158 games.