In Love and in Danger educates people about domestic violence


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Published in 1993 , In Love and In danger guides teenagers through abusive relationships

By: Basma Marghany, student life editor

In love and in danger is a book made up of a bunch of true stories of people that have been in abusive relationships.

The Book

In love and in danger is a book written by Barrie Levy, the book was published in 1993 . It falls under the self-help genre.The book starts off by stating some facts about domestic violence . Some of the facts that are stated in the book are; 85% of domestic violence victims are women. As  many as 324,000 women each year experience intimate partner violence during their pregnancy. Boys who witness domestic violence are 2 times as likely to abuse their own partners.

My opinion

When reading the book for the first time I was struck . I  always heard about domestic violence but never actually thought that it would be happening to someone. When I started reading I had to put it down a coupe of  times , because it was too intense. There was no actual picture , but it was in depth explanation of how bad the relationships were.

I really enjoyed this book I felt like it was informative . It really went in depth of with specific details of what it´s like to be in an abusive relationship.It also puts a lot of emphasis about how it´s never the victims fault. Not only that ,but it puts a lot of emphasis about how it´s not that easy to get out. It shows you how a partner could be very manipulative to the point where you want to leave but you can´t.

Another thing they put a lot of emphasis on is the fact that even though 85 percent of domestic violence victims are females, There´s also a great deal of male domestic violence victims. It does not  only happen in Heterosexual relationships, but also in Homosexual relationships.Some of these relationships ere even people who were married. so it really shows that it could happen to whoever no matter how old you are or how far the relationship is

Who is the book for

I feel like this book is geared more towards teenager.  It´s very informative, and a lot of teenagers could be going through the same thing. They could be going through the same thing, but just think it´s  the normal type of relationships, but in reality they are in big danger. This book helps them see the truth. It shows them all the red flags and the things they should look for. Not only that but it also gives you ways to get out. It will be a great help I think counselors should have at least a copy of it in their offices.




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