On My Block is a must watch

Due to this show popularity, in 2018 this show was Netflix's most binged show.

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Due to this show popularity, in 2018 this show was Netflix’s most binged show.

By: Megan Anderson, Senior manager of Entertainment and Social Media

On My Block is a hit Netflix original TV show which their third season was just recently released. With all the cliffhangers and twists and turns, this show is a must-see. 

On My Block is a comedy teen drama show that first premiered on March 16, 2018. The show follows four long-time best friends and their lives in high school. These groups of kids live in the rough part of South Central Los Angeles and deal with gangs daily. 

Season one

The audience is first introduced to the best friends the summer going into their freshman year of high school. The best friends are Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar. Monse is a brave and tough girl who lives by herself the majority of the time. Next, Ruby comes from a big family, and he is a hopeless romantic. Furthermore, Jamal is the funny nerdy kid. In my opinion, Jamal is the funniest character on this show. Lastly, Caesar was born into a gang called the Santos and his personality changes depending who he is with. 

Cesar was born into the gang Santos but wasn’t an official member of the gang until his older brother, Oscar, came home from jail early. The group of best friends spends the majority of this season trying to help Caesar escape from his density of being a gang member as just being 15 years old. This season has many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your feet. 

Season two

Next, season two picks up just where season one left off. Season one ended its season with a massive cliffhanger, so the first episode of the second season addresses the drama. 

This season mainly focuses on Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Caesar’s problems and how they deal with the issues individually. Each of these characters is faced with significant problems. This season highlights how hard it is to be a teenager with a few people to depend on. Each character has their demons that they try to work through. Luckily, these teenagers have each other to lean on. Lastly, this season also ends with a massive cliffhanger that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Season three 

Season three picks up where season two leaves off. This season is less dramatic than season one and season two, but it does have the thriller aspect to it. 

New romantic relationships form in this season as well. Next, this season mainly focuses on an ongoing mystery. The four best friends and Jasmine, who is the annoying neighbor, spend their time solving a mystery due to a gang leader’s request. The best friends have to figure out the mystery, or they will be faced with consequences. Lastly, this season ends with a flash-forward of them in senior year of high school, which leads to many questions. 


On My Block would be a perfect binge-watching TV show for any occasion. I would recommend no children to watch this show because this show does deal with gangs and teen drama. I would recommend teenagers and older to watch this show. 

Next, this show has a 95 percent rating on rotten tomatoes, and this show received an eight out of ten on IMDb

In 2018, this show won Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout TV Show during the Tenn Choice Awards. 

I would highly recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and lots of drama. I really enjoy this show because as soon as I think I solved the mystery, another twist comes out of nowhere. This show has me constantly at the edge of my seat, which I enjoy. In my opinion, this show never gets boring.

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