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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Trendy and affordable: what’s shaking the fashion world now

What to wear is always an issue.
Photo Credit: photo via getjadedlocal under creative commons
What to wear is always an issue.

Although current circumstances limit our ability to go out, you can still look incredible this fall season, and for an affordable price too. From clothes and accessories, to where to buy fashion-forward items, it won’t be hard to impress, even if you are still working from home. 

Following summer, a season filled with bright eye-catching colors comes fall, where the palette is completely changed. Tones that have been making a statement this autumn are various shades of yellow and orange. However, the most popular tend to be warm, and include colors like marigold, rust, and chartreuse, which is a light yellow-green hue, according to Cosmopolitan. But Molly D’Amato, student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, loves making a statement in shades of browns, especially with leather. 

A good way to style these colors is with a monochrome outfit, or simply picking a color and making sure every piece in the outfit is the same color. Don’t worry, D’Amato says you can choose different shades of the color, and even incorporate patterns for a fun look! If monochrome isn’t your style, there are several ways you could include pops of color into your outfit. Patchwork is making a small comeback; not only is it stylish but it’s sustainable as well, as some brands use old pieces of fabric and turn it into something new. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could even make a piece yourself! Just grab some old fabric, and sew them together with a bright-colored thread. If the stitched-together look with raw hems doesn’t call your name, plaid and argyle are other options, especially with flannels and sweaters. If you’re going for a more preppy look with your outfit, plaid and argyle can achieve that, but a simple flannel can keep you cozy while making sure you still look great. 

If adding color isn’t for you,  and you prefer darker shades, then shoes and accessories could help too. Gold-tone jewelry has been all over social media, from TikTok to Instagram, and it could be in your wardrobe. The gold hue of the jewelry plus the warm colors mentioned above could be a winner for this fall. D’Amato recommends layering pieces for a “funky” look. But besides jewelry, hats and scarves can be used to accessorize as well, plus they’re practical, as they can keep you warm in colder weather. Shoes can also be a statement piece, as many stores, from high to low end, sell boots with various patterns and details, but you can find great pieces from online stores such as Depop and Poshmark, says D’Amato. 

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 You may be wondering where you can get these items. Brandon Schmidt, retail worker at Target, says that they have affordable clothes that are both trendy and change with every season. Most people enjoy their sweatshirts and jackets, as it is “sweater weather” as most people call it. Another way to get stylish clothes is by going to thrift stores, as they sell a wide variety of clothes, and often the prices are very low. Thrifting can be unique, as only you have a certain item, and it saves clothes from going to waste. D’Amato advises going into the experience with an open mind and making sure to look through everything to find hidden gems.

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Dylan DaCunha is a senior at Colonia High School. She has enjoyed writing all her life, going all the way back to elementary school. She plays softball and has big aspirations to play in college, which is what fuels her passion for writing about sports. She’s an avid baseball fan which doesn’t hurt either. Not only does she play softball at CHS, but she’s an active member in multiple honor societies including Quill & Scroll Media Honor Society. She loves maintaining good grades in order to participate in these activities. Outside of school, she enjoys being with her friends as well as watching movies and listening to music. She plans on traveling the world someday and taking in as much as she can. Her favorite quote, by singer Harry Styles, is “If you’re happy doing what you’re doing nobody can tell you you’re not successful.”   

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Trendy and affordable: what’s shaking the fashion world now