Five sports jerseys that are a must have


Photo Credit: Photo via Matthew Mendives with permission.

Several sports jerseys will be bought over this holiday season. The classic Yankee pinstripes will likely be one of them

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This holiday season, many people will receive sports jerseys. I have made a list of the ones I think are the best.


The Heat have been one of the most fashionable teams in the league since they were first expanded in. Their black jerseys have always been popular. The jersey is black with a red line going down the side. In the red line there is a white line down the middle and an orange line on the border. These jerseys are dri-fit to help minimize sweat. You can buy a black Heat jersey for 6th man Goran Dragic on the NBA store.


The Brooklyn Nets have one of the sharpest looking jerseys in the league. The jersey I personally like the most is black with a white line down the middle. It may sound a bit plain, but once you put it on you’ll see how cool they truly look. Just a note these jerseys are made with an “athletic cut”. If you would like a loose fit on the jersey, order one size bigger than what you normally order. You can order a Nets jersey of superstar Kevin Durant on the NBA store.


The Yankee pinstripes are the most classic jerseys in sports history. The white shirt with light blue stripes going vertically on the jersey are so perfect they’ve made little changes since 1915. Nike recently bought the rights to MLB’s jersey. Due to this, the Yankees were forced to add the nike logo to the front. Although, some may feel it takes away from the look I believe it still looks great. Not even a nike logo can take away from the Yankee pinstripes. You can buy a jersey for superstar starting pitcher Gerrit Cole from the MLB shop.


The Seattle Seahawk jerseys were not always one of the best. However, after the franchise makeover in 2002 the Seahawks fashion saw a much needed improvement. My favorite jersey is the navy jersey. The navy jerseys are mostly navy with a few touches of light green and gray.  The jersey has mesh sides panels, which allow the jersey to have extra breathability. This jersey tends to run large. This means that it is recommended that you order one size smaller than what you usually order. You can order a jersey for superstar quarterback Russell Wilson from the NFL shop.


The Patriots have been one of the most hated teams in the league for most of recent history. Despite this hate, most people can admit their jerseys are among the best in the league. The navy jerseys are my favorites. The navy jerseys are mostly navy with red and white stripes on the shoulders. The Patriots logo can be seen on the front and the sides. These jerseys are true to size. This means you should order whatever size you normally get if you want to have a good fit. You can buy a jersey for former superbowl MVP Julian Edelman from the NFL shop.


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