Timberland vs. Dr. Martens: Two phenomenal yet difficult boots


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License.

The Dr. Martens are up on display for customers to purchase in store, with many colors to choose from.

By: Emma Nadella, Reporter

When someone wants to get a pair of boots, there are two fundamental needs to get them that differ from one another. A person might want a pair of boots to be fashionable, but someone else might want it for a practical use like going to work if need be. Different consumer wants means different aspects a product can give to you. That said, the two core boots in the industry that reflect this difference are Dr. Martens and Timberland boots. They put one more into being stylish, while they can put the other into more workable use. Now the question would be; which would be better to buy?

Timberland boots show more convenient usage

Now at a glance, boots from Timberland don’t seem to try being fashionable. When wearing them, they aren’t good to wear with skinny jeans considering they are six inches high and bulky to begin with. It’s not to say someone can make a nice outfit with them on though, but they are a specific look. When you hear that the boots are chunky, it doesn’t sound all that appealing. However, Timberland wants consumers to know that the chunky rubber sole gives a very good grip when moving around. Other small additions such as the nylon laces and leather collar at the top of the boots make for better insulation in cold climates. 

The company also points out that they have their boots fully isolated with PrimaLoft, a thermal insulation material made entirely of recycled materials. The boot is relatively waterproof, only with the downside of this being that the boots can become dirty or look dirty very quickly because of the material used called Nubuck. Functionally, Nubuck is more functional than regular leather or suede. Ultimately, Timberland boots are very good boots to use for work if you’re constantly outside, but will definitely become a headache to those who like having spotless shoes.

Dr. Martens have always struck out as a fashion statement

The most popular and well-known product of Dr. Martens are their boots. They have a history of being a major fashion statement since the 1960s with British People mainly. We know all of their boots have a shiny coat with thin leather and their characteristic yellow stitching. It’s taller than Timberland’s boots, with them being an inch higher. When wearing them though wear long socks, in contrast to the boots from Timberlands they don’t have support on the ends for your ankles. On the plus side, Dr. Martens boots are less likely to get scuffed or dirty like Timberland boots.

Now that leather comes in many colors in which a consumer might want to buy. There’s a very wide variety to choose from, with different colors and different leather. The company that makes Dr. Martens boots says the leather is full grain leather. That statement however has been debatable when seeing the quality of the leather after being worn. Another thing the boots are known for is the squishy rubber sole that makes them popular. It’s meant to make the boots look more hip, not too fancy or too formal. Perfect for people who want to wear them with multiple outfits of different styles.

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