Lululemon leggings: breaking down the look-alikes


Home to many styles of leggings, Lululemon has garnered the attention of many. The brand isn’t considered affordable, and other companies have made look-alikes or “dupes” to compensate.

By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief

Lululemon, a brand known for its high-priced yoga wear, has become a sensation on social media and is wanted by people of all ages. Some may be turned off by the cost, but there’s a way to get the look of Lululemon leggings without the price tag. 

The brand’s Align Pant ll are one of their most popular and best pairs of leggings according to, and cost between 88 and 118 dollars. That much money can be a lot to spend, especially on activewear pants. Here are leggings that make the mark on style and fit without blowing the budget. 

The Look-Alikes

The brand Yogalicious makes an almost identical pair of leggings to the camo Align Pant ll called the “Lux” High Waist Camo Printed 7/8 Ankle Legging. While online, the pants are 78 dollars, they can be found at stores such as TJ Maxx for less than twenty-five. Softball player for local team Carteret Kraze, Ella LaRosa, says the pants are “durable and stay up during tough workouts.” She also mentioned the fabric, and how it feels like “butter” when worn. The pants come in other colors including classic black, but the camo is very comparable to the Lululemon pair. 

If you can’t find the Yogalicious leggings, CRZ Yoga has your back. Their Women’s Naked Feeling I High Waist Yoga Pants have near-exact stitching and fabric to Lululemon according to US Weekly Magazine. They even say that the material is a bit silkier than Lululemon, and comes in the same colors. Found on Amazon, these leggings are just twenty-four dollars. 

Another option that is best suited for curvier figures is the Core 10 Women’s ‘Nearly Naked’ Lightweight Non-Sheer Yoga Pant. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from an XS-3XL, however, only certain colors are available in certain sizes. They have a similar feel to the CRZ Yoga leggings and can be found on Amazon for twenty dollars. 

The Real Thing

If you want to splurge and purchase a pair of Lululemon leggings, they can be good for many reasons. Dancer at Dancing in the Spotlight studio in Rahway, New Jersey, Danielle Zur, says that they are very comfortable. She goes on to mention that they are also “the only leggings that have fit her right.”  She appreciates their wide range of styles and colors as well. But, she admits that the price point is their only downside. So, if you can’t afford them or would rather go with a cheaper option, these pairs can help.