Harry Styles’ “Fine Line”: talking the album

Pictured above and nominated for a Grammy award, Harry Styles album Fine Line is a work of art overall. While it does have some songs that arent as strong as his other hits, this album shouldnt be overlooked as a whole.

Photo Credit: Photo via Capitol Records

Pictured above and nominated for a Grammy award, Harry Styles’ album “Fine Line” is a work of art overall. While it does have some songs that aren’t as strong as his other hits, this album shouldn’t be overlooked as a whole.

By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief

In December of 2019, pop-rock artist Harry Styles released his second studio album titled “Fine Line.” The English singer-songwriter is most known for his involvement in the teen pop band One Direction. However, since their announced hiatus in 2015, Styles has shown significant growth from the upbeat, radio music One Direction produced. On his self-titled album, “Harry Styles”, and “Fine Line”, he transitions to deeper pieces. These are the top picks from his latest release and songs that aren’t recommended to new listeners. 

Fine Line

Not many words can be used to describe the masterpiece that is Fine Line. The longest track on the album, Fine Line starts off slow and is filled with sadness. It talks about the low points of past relationships, especially shown in the line “You’ve got my devotion…But man, I can hate you sometimes.” Many believe it’s titled Fine Line because it covers the “fine line” between loving and hating an ex-significant other. The song’s sad beginnings soon turn into an upbeat symphony of trumpets, once again signifying the highs and lows of love. It’s one of Styles’ most raw and vulnerable songs and a favorite of many. 

Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon Sugar, perhaps one of the most popular radio songs of last summer, is nowhere near as sensational as Fine Line. Unfortunately, many only know Styles because of this song, which truly doesn’t show his songwriting potential. The promiscuous song has a fun, summery feel to it, but the lyrics aren’t as meaningful as other songs on the album. When listening to Fine Line, save this song for last so as not to be disappointed early on. 

Lights Up

On the flip side, Lights Up is the perfect anthem for growth and being unapologetically you. It talks about how Styles isn’t afraid to be himself, and he’s not going to change regardless of who is happy or unhappy with his current persona. The vocals on this track are almost otherworldly and sound better the louder it’s played. It’s an excellent “feel good” song, especially on days when you aren’t feeling yourself. 

Treat People with Kindness

While Treat People with Kindness has a sweet message, it’s more of a promotional song than anything else. It’s quite repetitive and some of the lyrics just don’t seem to make very much sense. This is another track to save for last, as it most definitely is not Styles’ best work. 

To Be So Lonely and She

It’s hard to choose between To Be So Lonely and She for the last spot on this list. So, why not include them both? Both vulnerable songs yet again, To Be So Lonely talks about Styles post-relationship. Wanting to stay away from his ex, he knows that he’ll fall again if he stays close with them. He talks about, quite literally, being lonely because of this. In She, Styles talks about a man living a rather mundane and boring lifestyle and is constantly daydreaming about a girl. She features an epic guitar solo by guitarist Mitch Rowland and arguably has the best background music of any track on the album.