Nancy Drumm wins First Ward Councilwoman

By: Haley O' Neill, reporter

June 8th, 2021; the day had finally come. After months upon months of campaigning and fundraising, it was the night everyone had been waiting for. Between long hot days of placing signs on lawns, to handing out flyers to those supporting, it had all paid off. Nancy Drumm won yet again for the First Ward Councilwoman position.

The position

With much responsibility as any form of a job, the position of a councilwoman entails much greater ones. Being a councilwoman requires you to be active within the community, socialize with citizens, attend meetings in regards to changes within the community and more. Social media also plays a huge role in this position. Attending certain public events, meeting with public entities (school districts, fire departments, police departments, etc.), and even meeting with people of higher authority, are also included. Nancy Drumm, the first ward councilwoman has been in this position for many years now and has been very active. She is very well-known within the community and has done many great things.


To campaign for events, it can vary. From social media posts, to holding events, and things of that nature, it can depend on your position. For Nancy Drumm, and the amount of support she had and continues to have, many volunteered to help her. I was apart of that. I had the opportunity to put flyers out and to help spread the word as the election had neared. Ed McSherry (President of the Woodbridge Irish Association), and Sean O’Neill (Vice President of the Woodbridge Irish Association) spent time putting signs up for those who supported her. Sean O’Neill says, “It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed supporting Nancy every step of the way.”

The big event!

In support of Nancy Drumm, there was a gathering held at Strawberry’s Pub & Pizza. A banner was held towards the back of the restaurant where the votes were displayed for both candidates; Nancy Drumm and Kenneth Gardner. For every number that was written down for the districts, everyone that was there went quiet. While everyone waited for all of the votes to come in, conversations were being exchanged among many along with many pizzas being brought out. I was able to meet many new people along with seeing some familiar faces. At around 9:00 P.M., the final results were in from those who voted in person. Everyone cheered as the results were announced. The results were 716 for Nancy Drumm and 444 for Kenneth Gardner.


Nancy Drumm had a lot of support from the community and will still continue to have it.

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