¨Anna and the French Kiss¨ makes you love love


Photo Credit: Daniella Albuquerque

¨Anna and the French Kiss¨ is a perfect book to get you out of your reading slump. Don´t be afraid to dig into Anna´s messy love life.

By: Daniella Albuquerque, Reporter

“Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins, is an international best seller. You follow the journey of Anna settling into Paris and finding love along the way.

Who is Stephanie Perkins?

Perkins is a 42 year-old novelist, who is known for her works within the young adult fiction genre. She was born in South Carolina, but grew up in Arizona. She has always loved to write, and continued when she enrolled in San Francisco State University and a university in Georgia.

Perkins’ career started with her as a book seller and a librarian before she fully committed to becoming a writer. She published her first book “Anna and the French Kiss” on Dec. 2, 2010, and later, released the two books that complete the trilogy. Perkins said that all three books are companion books and as the series progresses, you will hear familiar names once more.

What is “Anna and the French Kiss” about?

“Anna and the French Kiss” is a romance novel for ages 12 and up. It takes you into the world of a teenage girl who is being forced to complete her last year of high school in Paris. Anna tried to reason with her parents to let her stay in Atlanta and finish school. She wanted to graduate with her best friend Bridgette and see what could happen with her crush Toph.  That wish was already miles away when she boarded the plane.

Anna began to become homesick the minute her parents left her at SOAP (School of America in Paris). She soon realized that her stay in Paris wouldn’t be as bad as she expected. She met a group of friends; Mer, Rashmi, Josh, and St.Clair. St.Clair is what makes her trip worthwhile, he is funny, sweet, and helps her translate words from French. Anna jokes around with how he pronounces his words because he is British, and he joins in.

With all these feelings and later finding out that her new friend Mer also has feelings for St.Clair, what will Anna do? Will she jeopardize her new friendship for a boy that she just met? Or will she ignore her feelings and continue to talk to Toph from Atlanta?

My Thoughts:

I honestly loved this book so much! St.Claire and Anna are my favorite book couple so far. I have read this book two times now, and each time makes me feel all giddy. The romance is everything you would imagine yourself having, and the issues they face just add to it. Can we please talk about how St.Claire got all jealous when Anna was spending time with someone that wasn’t him? LIKE COME ONE! Oh, and when he DEFENDS her from when a guy is spreading nasty rumors about her. Perkins definitely knew how to capture her readers to pull all-nighters just to finish this masterpiece. I am so glad that I picked up this book because if I hadn’t, my life wouldn’t be complete. I definitely  would recommend this book to anyone who is a sucker for romance.