Introducing The New Maybelline Palette

By: Kainaat Ali, Spring Reporter

In the fall of 2014 , Maybelline launched a chic and revolutionized eye-shadow palette known as the The Nudes. Though this wasn’t the first palette Maybelline had launched ,this new palette contains 12 neutral shades that are perfect for an everyday simple and effortless look.

It can be purchased at most drug stores, beauty supply stores and all purpose stores such as Walmart. The cost of the palette can vary, ranging anywhere from $9.99 to $12.00.

From  a humble beginning to a multi-million dollar empire, Tom Lyle Williams is best known as the founder of Maybelline cosmetics. It all started when his older sister Mabel had singed her eyebrows during to a kitchen stove fire, she then used a blend of  Vaseline and coal dust to apply to her eyes. This got Williams thinking and soon business started booming. He decided to name the company Maybelline after his sister Mabel, whom had first sparked the idea. At first, Maybelline was sold through mail, but demands got bigger and they decided to start selling them in drugstores, and shortly after, they started appearing in all purpose stores such as Walmart. The company’s first official product came out in 1915, and was known as Cake Mascara.

With the new Maybelline Palette, there are 12 shades that can be used to create 13 different looks. Ten out of twelve of the shades that are in this palette are shimmery while the other two are matte. The Palette features a “how to” guide on the back to create duos, trios, and even quad looks. From graphics, to natural and even an everyday look, Maybelline claims that this palette has it all. If you look on the Maybelline website, it offers step by step video tutorials by famous beauty gurus from YouTube.

One great thing about this product is that it is transportable. It comes in  decent size size packaging small enough to fit into a purse and  for those who travel a lot, it  does not take up much space. The eye-shadows that are in the palette can work for both a day or night look, instead of having to carry around 3-4 makeup palettes, why not just carry one?

Something many consumers of this product can agree on is the sponge applicator it comes with could be bigger and better. The palette appears to be fancy, and then there is a tiny applicator that does not serve meet the needs of a good applicator. When applying with this applicator, it was very hard to actually grip it properly because it is too small to handle. This made the application process a little difficult and time-consuming. Maybelline should ditch the traditional sponge applicator and invest in making a synthetic soft brush for this palette, this would make the application process much less stressful and it could lure more customers in because most palettes do not include this type of brush.

However, despite the brush, the quality of the product is outstanding. for only about $10, the color payoff is worth while and very highly pigment, meaning that little goes a long way with this product. Many consumers and beauty bloggers are comparing this product to the Urban Decay Naked 1. The color pigments are very similar and the shades displayed in both of the palletes are very similar to one another.Though the Urban Decay palette is priced around $54.00 , Maybelline’s Nudes can give the same results for just a fraction of the cost. It’s a perfect substitute for those who are always on the look out for dupes of expensive and high quality make up.

The overall rating that can be given to this product is 4 stars. The palette is gorgeous and useful however the brush that it comes with is defective and does need improvement. Many users who have used this product can agree that this product is definitely something that should be re-purchased. The price is reasonable and the color payoff is really great for what the asking price is.