Prepping for Prom


Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff

Seniors Selah Sassone and Justin Deak modeling beautiful fashions.

As the prom season quickly approaches, Colonia showcased upcoming formal fashion. Here is a recap of the amazing local Woodbridge businesses that offered their services at the Colonia Prom Fashion Show.

CHS Prom Fashion Show models tanned by Body Bronze in Colonia.
Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
CHS Prom Fashion Show models tanned by Body Bronze in Colonia.

Prior to the show, all models received the option to be spray tanned complimentary by Body Bronze in Colonia. Body Bronze is dedicated to providing their customers with a natural-looking glow. Be sure to check them out this prom and summer season.

At 7:00 P.M. on February 12th, Colonia High School’s curtains opened, unleashing a parade of elegant dresses and sharp suits. The stage was decorated by a committee of seniors and juniors, with balloons for the night’s event  generously donated by Colonia Natural Pharmacy, located on Inman Avenue in Colonia. Senior hosts Eriny Tawfik and Sam Pero got the crowd excited, modeling their own elegant fashions from the same retailers as the other models.

A total of 20 female senior and junior models graced the walkway with beautiful and stylish dresses, supplied by Windsor of Woodbridge Mall. There was a wide array of dresses, fashioned in different lengths, accented with lace and beading, and even printed with edgy designs.

However, it seemed that the most popular color choice was a deep red/maroon color— definitely one of this year’s trendiest colors.

The female models received complimentary hair services from the following businesses: Carmen’s Hair Design in Avenel, Hanger Beauty Salon in Iselin, Moda 330 in Rahway, Wild Roots in Colonia, and Unisex Full Service Salon in Woodbridge. CHS Senior Danielle Dirmeitis, who watched the show, commented, “All the models looked so great that I’m considering booking one of these salons for my own prom!”

The Ducoff's Tuxedo table at the night of the CHS Prom Fashion Show.
The Ducoff’s Tuxedo table at the night of the CHS Prom Fashion Show. Photo by: The Declaration Staff

The 20 corresponding male senior and junior models sported a multitude of tuxedos and suits provided by Ducoff’s Tuxedos in Avenel. The staff of Ducoff’s Tuxedos dedicated themselves in meticulously taking measurements of the models and matching their outfits flawlessly to female models’ dresses.

Every male model greeted their partner on the catwalk with a long stem red rose, supplied by Vintage and Nouveau Florist in Colonia.

Every ticket-baring audience member was eligible to win one of the following door prizes: a gift certificate to Sun Spot tanning in Clark, a gift certificate to Envy Nails in Woodbridge, or a gift certificate to Nail Studio in Colonia.

Throughout the course of the night, there was also a tricky tray with prizes raffled off to the lucky winners.  There were a total of 13 prizes for prom related services up for grabs on the night of the fashion show, all of $30.00 value or more. Prizes included certificates for hair, makeup, nails, florists, limousines, and even a free tuxedo rental. However, perhaps the most sought after prizes were the free Spring Formal and Senior Prom bids.

Colonia High School’s Prom Fashion Show generated over $2,900 for the Senior Class treasury, which will help reduce the price of the current Senior Prom bids. Mrs. Meade, one of the Prom Fashion Show Coordinators, stated, “I’m very appreciative of all the businesses that supported the Colonia High School Senior Class or else the show wouldn’t have been such a huge success!” If you are looking to book your own prom services, you will surely be satisfied with any of these local businesses.