The Declaration

  • Pet photos for yearbook are due Friday December 4
  • Physicals will be collected 12/2 from 8-9 AM at door 1
  • If you are going out of state or country during the break, you must quarantine for 14 days
  • 11/9 is a fully remote synchronous day for students
Faiz Silat
Faiz Silat is a sophomore at Colonia High School. He loves playing many sports such as basketball, soccer, and is cricket (his favorite). He likes cricket the most because it works out the whole body and has watched it since he was a little boy.He does not only enjoy playing sports but also loves watching them too. He admires watching sports such as football in the fall/winter, basketball in the winter/spring and lastly cricket all throughout the year. He also enjoys traveling because he likes visiting new places and enjoying other peoples’ cultures, food and history. He enjoys visiting places where things are done in a different way that is customary in the US.  For example he enjoyed very much when he took a trip to Istanbul where the architecture was different to NYC tall skyscrapers.  He is very interested in electronic devices and things in that area. He likes to keep up to the daily updates in the tech world keeping up with the new phone releases or computer updates.  His favorite subjects in school are History and Science. He loves his teachers and admires all his classmates. He is a very well rounded person who is nice to his acquaintances and is interested in many topics.

Faiz Silat, Fall Reporter

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Faiz Silat