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Riley Kirejevas
Riley Kirejevas is currently a freshman at Colonia High School, and he is currently taking a journalism course in school. One of Kirejevas' favorite hobbies is sports, more specifically soccer, lacrosse, and hockey; his favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona, his favorite lacrosse team is the Rochester Knighthawks, and his favorite hockey team is the Chicago Blackhawks. Kirejevas even played for the Colonia High School freshman soccer team this school year, and plans to continue playing throughout his schooling. Another one of Kirejevas' hobbies would be video games, his preferred consoles are the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, some of his favorite video game series would include The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Fallout, and FIFA. Aside from the soccer field and sitting on the couch playing video games, Kirejevas also has an aptitude in the classroom, he is on the honor roll and in higher level classes, his favorite classes are English and history. Kirejevas also enjoys watching television or a good movie, his favorite television shows range from Grimm, to South Park, to American Horror Story; while his favorite movies would include the Saw series, and the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Kirejevas is adventurous and is always up for doing something new, he is a self-described jack-of-all-trades.


Riley Kirejevas, Spring Reporter

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Riley Kirejevas