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Super man Showing off the S on his chest

Superman emerges victorious against Thor

Superman vs Thor would be a truly amazing showdown. It would be a god like being versus another god like being. First of all, Thor relies mostly on his hammer when he is fighting, Superman can use anything to his advantage which is a huge deciding factor in what will be a battle to the death. Superman gets his powers from the sun so Thor can not do anything about that dilemma.

You might say that Thor can just use Kryptonite to defeat Superman but how can he get a hold of that. It is not like Kryptonite grows on trees for crying out loud. Let’s talk about Superman’s powers, Superman possesses the powers of flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed, enhanced hearing, and nigh-invulnerability. Another power he has is the ability to take a large amount of physical punishment. Which is what he will be facing when he fights Thor. This will not be an easy fight by any means necessary for either hero. Superman will be ready for everything Thor throws at him(Literally). Thor’s biggest threat is his hammer, so Superman will be ready to defend and use his only weapon against him. They both can fly but Thor can only fly when he has his hammer in his hand. This gives Superman the upper hand instantly whenever he can knock Thor’s hammer away from him.

Meaning as long as Superman can keep Thor’s Hammer out of his hand ,which will not be easy, he will win this fight without a doubt. Considering Superman is very smart he will know what he has to do to win this fight and be very prepared. All in all this will be both sides biggest opponents they have ever faced, but given Superman’s advantages over Thor you have no choice but to believe that Superman will emerge victorious against Thor’s valiant effort.

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