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  • May 14 Friday, June 18: Asynchronous instruction for all.
  • May 14 June 8 will be a SYNCHRONOUS Remote Instruction Day following the In-Person instruction schedule
  • May 14 Tuesday, June 1-Friday, June 11: AP Exams Online
  • May 7 Graduation/ last day of school is June 18th
  • May 7 No School on Friday, May 28th, Monday, May 31 & Tuesday, June 1
  • May 7 Last day of final assessments for seniors is June 11th
  • May 7 Senior Prom is 5-9pm on June 17 at the Gran Marquis
  • April 22 PTO Clothing Drive will be held on Saturday, May 1st
  • April 22 May 3, CHS will accommodate all hybrid students to attend school 5 days per week
  • October 29 If you are going out of state or country, you must quarantine for 14 days
The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Living in New Jersey is the perfect because of it
Enjoy the sun and more at the Jersey shore
By: Olivia Bryant, Reporter • May 10, 2021

The nicer weather is approaching and everyone wants to be outside. Summer is coming which means  the beach is going to get crowded. Bathe in the sun Summer is around the corner which means people will want to be in the sun more. People will be wanting to go on the beach, in the ocean or just take a walk on the boardwalk. Living in New Jersey is great...

Working out becomes part of your everyday life when you get used to it.
Shared Experience: my workout journey during quarantine
By: Lauren Dugan , Reporter • May 14, 2021

Beginning to workout and live a healthy lifestyle is one of the hardest things to stick to because it takes a lot of discipline and motivation. Once you start getting used to it, it becomes a routine and part of your everyday life. The Beginning  Starting is the hardest part if you are anything like how I was, the beginning is really challenging. The biggest struggle for me,...

Veronika Nalyvayko has her personal photoshoot for modeling agencies.
Highlighting talents
March 30, 2021
Holiday movie trivia
By: Roopi Notra, reporter • December 21, 2020

Snow storm update
By: Christia Assa, Editor • December 18, 2020

Reporting on remote learning instead of a snow day
By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief • December 16, 2020

Halloween Interviews
By: Niko DaSilva, Reporter • October 30, 2020

Snow storm aftermath
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • January 20, 2020

Tumbling into your Niche
By: Olivia Bryant, reporter • April 21, 2021

Gabe Alejandro, sophomore, and Alexa Leviten, junior, explain what it is like to be a cheerleader. Alejandro provides a male perspective on cheerleading...

Why it is near impossible mathematically to get a perfect March Madness Bracket
By: Niko DaSilva, Reporter • April 15, 2021

Math teacher and sports fan, Mr. Kurowsky explains the statistics behind why it is near impossible to pick a perfect March Madness bracket.

College Applications during the Covid-19 pandemic
April 14, 2021

Co-Editor-in-chief, Emily Spillar, hosts a panel discussion virtually about what seniors experienced when applying to college during the pandemic.

How talent impacts the viewer and how it impacts the influencer
By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Reporter • April 11, 2021

Declaration reporter Joe Sanfilippo interviews John Paul Galope and Shane Boles, movie buffs, on the impact of talent on the viewer and influencer.

Washington Football Team, Draft Winners or Draft Losers?
Giants steal Azeez Ojulari in the 2nd round

Giants steal Azeez Ojulari in the 2nd round

May 10, 2021

New European Super League and its controversy

New European Super League and its controversy

May 3, 2021

Conditioning: how it can affect athletes

Conditioning: how it can affect athletes

April 28, 2021

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In-person learning: Zega making the right choice
Warm weather results in stricter dress codes

Warm weather results in stricter dress codes

May 13, 2021

Understanding the importance of your digital footprint

Understanding the importance of your digital footprint

May 11, 2021

Police Should Wear Body Cameras When On Duty

Police Should Wear Body Cameras When On Duty

May 10, 2021

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Are you less inclined to even wear jeans these days? Well you aren
Quarantine changes fashion preferences
By: Jackie Poznanski and Alexa Leviten March 2, 2021

Some people have always preferred to dress up whereas others have always preferred to be comfortable. But before the pandemic we knew there were moments when we had to "dress...

Three divers were reported overdue by their dive boat.
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • May 17, 2021

Definition Numbering more than one. Sentence Three divers were reported overdue by their dive boat.

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Today in History - April 29, 1967
Today in History - April 29, 1967
By: Christia Assa, Editor • April 29, 2021

Aretha Franklin releases her single "Respect", becoming Billboard Song of the Year in the same year.

The word "teach" comes from Old English, and has been  used in English since the 9th century. Teacher dates from the late 13th century.
McCoy is a teacher and a role model
By: Haley O, reporter • May 7, 2021

Colonia High School, a school that promotes nothing but character, commitment, and community, is an environment that allows students to learn....

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Beyond the Ponytail: Episode 4
By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief • March 29, 2021

"Women in the Military" - Women’s History Month, Women in the Military, Interview with Lindsey Melki.

Nothing but net podcast episode 5
By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief • March 19, 2021

Host Matthew Mendives interviews Amir Saddeh on the first half of the season.

In Astrology, the Moon describes your inner most needs. Take a glance at it, and you may feel more connected to it than your zodiac sign.
Your moon sign may be more important than your zodiac sign
By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Reporter • May 17, 2021

Astrology is a subject that’s been around for centuries. The pseudoscience originated in Babylon in 1984 BC. The Babylonians created the 12 zodiac signs we know today. Beginnings As...

CHS art students usually showcase their work in the school lobby multiple times per year. The AP art students normally have the opportunity to put an exhibit together like the one seen in this photo.
Importance of art education
February 24, 2021
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10 activities to do in quarantine
By: Christia Assa, Editor • January 25, 2021

The final result of the Easy Berry Smoothie Bowl
How to make an easy berry smoothie bowl
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • February 8, 2021

The pandemic has allowed society to reflect on themselves and innovate ways to induce positive change. Therefore, many people found new workouts, created new goals, and sought...

Winter Sports Class Codes

Swimming - w4sb43m
Boys Basketball - jn63lcq
Girls Basketball - 7tmfbk4
Winter Track - at6encs
Bowling - sxu7a2s
Hockey - icqrwqa
Wrestling - u2gsc44

Ernest Miller Hemingway was a lot of things, including being an American novelist, short-story writer, journalist, and sportsman. 
Quote of the day- Ernest Hemingway
By: Alexa Leviten, Editor • May 15, 2021

"Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another."- Ernest Hemingway

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The student news site of Colonia High School
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