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  • Congratulations to the boys’ basketball team for winning the GMC pod!
  • CHS has earned the College Board's AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles
  • Congratulations to Science Research students Amelia Curia & Cheyanne Weiner for having their papers selected to present at the Jersey Shore Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
  • Governor’s Educator of the Year are: Ms. Jaime Amalfe & Mr. Scott Hulak!
  • If you are going out of state or country during the break, you must quarantine for 14 days
Angel Paws, the Hidden Cat Gem of Colonia
Angel Paws, the Hidden Cat Gem of Colonia
By: Emma Nadella, Reporter • April 13, 2021

In the small community of Colonia, most people don’t know about Angel Paws, a non-profit cat shelter made up of volunteers, dedicated to helping abandoned and homeless cats finding their permanent homes. There is no euthanization held in the shelter, they keep all cats happy and healthy until they are adopted. Angel Paws also allows people to...

Veronika Nalyvayko has her personal photoshoot for modeling agencies.
Highlighting talents
By: Roopindar Notra, Reporter • March 30, 2021

Everyone is born with different skills and talents, some people showcase them and some don’t. It could be drawing, playing an instrument, being good at a sport, and etc. These activities shape us into who we are and have a big chance of becoming our career. I have decided to interview a talented person who doesn’t showcase her talent as much but she deserves to be known. Veronika...

Holiday movie trivia
By: Roopi Notra, reporter • December 21, 2020

Snow storm update
By: Christia Assa, Editor • December 18, 2020

Reporting on remote learning instead of a snow day
By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief • December 16, 2020

Halloween Interviews
By: Niko DaSilva, Reporter • October 30, 2020

Snow storm aftermath
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • January 20, 2020

Why it is near impossible mathematically to get a perfect March Madness Bracket
By: Niko DaSilva, Reporter • April 15, 2021

Math teacher and sports fan, Mr. Kurowsky explains the statistics behind why it is near impossible to pick a perfect March Madness bracket.

College Applications during the Covid-19 pandemic
April 14, 2021

Co-Editor-in-chief, Emily Spillar, hosts a panel discussion virtually about what seniors experienced when applying to college during the pandemic.

How talent impacts the viewer and how it impacts the influencer
By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Reporter • April 11, 2021

Declaration reporter Joe Sanfilippo interviews John Paul Galope and Shane Boles, movie buffs, on the impact of talent on the viewer and influencer.

Eagle Scout makes rain garden at CHS
By: Colin Thompson, reporter • April 11, 2021

Declaration reporter, Colin Thompson documents the rain garden being constructed at Colonia High.

Basketball and Coronavirus: One Year Later
Navigating college softball with Alyssa Castera

Navigating college softball with Alyssa Castera

April 13, 2021

How well are COVID protocols being used for sports?

How well are COVID protocols being used for sports?

April 8, 2021

Life on the Sidelines

Life on the Sidelines

April 2, 2021

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SAT scores shouldn’t matter in college applications
Difficulties of getting the COVID Vaccine in New Jersey

Difficulties of getting the COVID Vaccine in New Jersey

March 1, 2021

Coping with a break up

Coping with a break up

February 19, 2021

Hugs, kisses, love is only some of what makes up Valentine’s Day

Hugs, kisses, love is only some of what makes up Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2021

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the young woman
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • April 16, 2021

Definition A magnetic rock or a thing that attracts. Sentence The young woman's wealth unfortunately made her a lodestone for fortune hunters

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Beyond the Ponytail: Episode 4
By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief • March 29, 2021

"Women in the Military" - Women’s History Month, Women in the Military, Interview with Lindsey Melki.

Nothing but net podcast episode 5
By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief • March 19, 2021

Host Matthew Mendives interviews Amir Saddeh on the first half of the season.

CHS art students usually showcase their work in the school lobby multiple times per year. The AP art students normally have the opportunity to put an exhibit together like the one seen in this photo.
Importance of art education
By: Caitlyn Abreu February 24, 2021

Art education has improved student's expression skills, mental health, and academically. This type of education has made important impact on student's lifestyle, and has proven...

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10 activities to do in quarantine
By: Christia Assa, Editor • January 25, 2021

The final result of the Easy Berry Smoothie Bowl
How to make an easy berry smoothie bowl
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • February 8, 2021

The pandemic has allowed society to reflect on themselves and innovate ways to induce positive change. Therefore, many people found new workouts, created new goals, and sought...

Winter Sports Class Codes

Swimming - w4sb43m
Boys Basketball - jn63lcq
Girls Basketball - 7tmfbk4
Winter Track - at6encs
Bowling - sxu7a2s
Hockey - icqrwqa
Wrestling - u2gsc44

William James was an American philosopher, historian, and psychologist. He was the first educator to offer a psychology course in the United States.
Quote of the day- William James
By: Alexa Leviten, Editor • April 15, 2021

"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." —William James

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