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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Persons clicks on their phone opening a app. This causes problems and solutions in the classroom.
Cell phones make a presence in the classroom
By: Dylan Maltez, Reporter • December 1, 2022

Cell phones in school have become a problem according to teachers, principals, and parents. But as much as they complain about it, the phone problem may be here to stay. Cell phone statistics To start off the statistics say that 95.5 percent of students bring their...

The thumbs up originated during World War 2 between pilots to communicate with ground crew before take-off. It originated during the China-based Flying Tigers in which were apart of the first American flyers in World War II.
Thumbs up emoji is getting the thumbs down by Gen Zers
By: Elias Meli, reporter • December 8, 2022

Thumbs-up, red-heart, “OK” hand, checkmark, poo, loud crying face, monkey covering eyes, clapping hands, lipstick kiss mark and grimacing face are all emojis people are considering to cancel. The Gen Zers generally feel these emojis are used in a passive-aggressive way that demeans them. According to Adobe's Emoji trend report, "emojis play a vital role in American's daily...

Recent Sports Scores
In a rivalry game against Woodbridge High School, sophomore Casey Chiola avoids the tackle helping lead the Patriots to victory, 14-13.
Colonia's football 2022 successful season ends on disappointing note
By: Dylan Miller, Reporter • November 28, 2022

On October 28, 2022, Colonia High School (CHS) football's season came to a close with a 35-14 loss to Morris Knolls.  Patriots finished the season 8-2 in what many thought would be a rebuilding year with so many...

According to, Americans overwhelmingly agree that parents should be at least a little strict with their children.
Many parents are too tough on their children
By: Angelle Sherman June 15, 2022

Parents enrolling their kids in tennis from a young age Many parents are very tough on their children when it comes to playing tennis, especially from a young age. Statistically...

Due to the anomalies surrounding Devils Tree, its been featured on Weird NJ. Weird NJ is a magazine that writes about urban legends in New Jersey.
Devil's Tree: impacting New Jersey legends
By: Joseph Sanfilippo, Managing Editor of Entertainment and Media • November 18, 2022

There's an inherent sense of spectacle when someone mentions something that's scary or traumatic. People either feel the need to go up to it...

Push Up with Phillip: CrossFit training with Biri
By: Phillip Falzarano, Managing Editor of Sports • December 7, 2022

Phil Falzarano, senior, and Mr. Biri, history teacher, talk about CrossFit and what he does to get ready for marathons.

Colonia: Uncut - Social Hierarchy of High School: Is it Like the Movies?
By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief • November 17, 2022

Join Dylan, Michelle, Isabelle, Nicole, and Elizabeth as they share their experiences and opinions on high school social groups.

MovieMania: Episode 1 - Marvel and DC theories
By: Joe Sanfilippo November 17, 2022

MovieMania is everything movies. It’s made for cinephiles with a passion for pop culture! Join Joe as he reviews new theatrical releases, discusses...

December 1, 2022

Sudan has more pyramids than any country in the world

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From 1933 to 1945, Former First Lady of the United States was political figure, diplomat, and activist.
Eleanor Roosevelt -
By: Rachelle Saerang, Editor • December 6, 2022

“With every new day comes new strength and new thoughts”

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2022
October 19, 2022

Social & Emotional Learning: how to manage stress
By: The Declaration Staff April 25, 2022

Students question the mask lift
By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor • April 4, 2022

Holiday movie trivia
By: Roopi Notra, reporter • December 20, 2020

Pictured are an array of the Crocs Classic Clog in a variety of colors. In recent years they have been increasingly popular.
Crocs: discussing the hype
By: Benjie Pabon May 27, 2022

Has there been a shoe more controversial than Crocs? The shoe has been receiving increasing criticism for its special designs. Croc origins Crocs date back to 2002 by way...

Everything you need to know about Taylor Swifts Midnights
Everything you need to know about Taylor Swifts "Midnights"
By: Arianna Angel, Reporter at Colonia High School • November 23, 2022

On October 21, 2022, Singer/Songwriter Taylor Swift released her tenth studio album, Midnights. Annunciation of Midnights Swift announced the release of Midnights at the...

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The Press in Eritrea
By: Julia Arocho, Reporter • March 23, 2022

Free warm cup of herbal tea photo, public domain beverage CC0 image.
Spilling the tea on Bigelow's flavors
By: Angelle Sherman May 9, 2022

Bigelow Earl Grey tea has a very earthy tea flavor that is not complex. The bergamot flavor is very strong. Though overall the taste is pretty typical. With a little milk...

AP Style Guide - Punctuation & Capitalization
By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief • January 6, 2022
AP Style Guide- Numerals & Abbreviations
By: Katherine Albuquerque, Editor • January 6, 2022
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The student news site of Colonia High School
The student news site of Colonia High School