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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Lord of the Flies is hailed to be one of the most influential books ever to be created.

Lord of the flies was rejected 21 times before being published
Photo Credit: Anthony Gross
Lord of the flies was rejected 21 times before being published

“Lord of the Flies”authored by William Golding is considered a classical book. However, it gets a lot of backlash from readers all over the world. This extends to the book being banned from schools and libraries.

This is the occurrence of the book’s usage of disparaging remarks to various groups, from the disabled to the Black community.

Why is it hated against?

Over the years it’s been banned in Texas,South Dakota, North Carolina, Ioha, and New York. According to the american library association it is number #68 on the list of the most frequently challenged books.

According to ThoughtCo,  “Lord of the Flies” is banned because of the language and violence. Bullying being the main plot lines; Parents, school administrators and other critics deemed it to not be a suggested book in school.

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Many people also concluded that the book promotes a pro-slavery ideology, which they note is the wrong message to teach children.


A group of young boys are stranded on an island after their wartime evacuation plane crashes. At first, the group of boys decided to create rules to mimic a good society. Even choosing a leader named Ralph. However, the brittle rules break causing all havoc to the island. 

According to Sparksnote, it reveals the darker side of human nature.  The story slowly degenerates into a savage survival-of-the-fittest tale, with the boys brutalizing, hunting and even killing some of their own.

The reason for this surreal plot

The book outlines that human nature is violent and that the chance of redemption is slim to none. William Golding experienced unruly boys as a teacher, and his time as a combatant in WWII. This novel is a reflection on Golding’s views of society. Golding does not consider evil an external force, but something born within people.

Is the book still relevant to this day?

The book is relevant to this day because it shows recurring problems we have now. For example, when anything divides it causes certain violence and cruelty between each other. Like a broken relationship, they build animosity towards each other because they no longer like the”ugly side” of one other.

Another example would be that if there wasn’t a sustainable government, society would eventually fail to make progress on anything.

Should people read this book

People should read Lord of the Flies for its exploration of society fragility. In addition, realizing the influence that the environment can have on human behavior. This book also introduces the complexities of human interaction with consequences of unchecked urges. Therefore, with all the benefits this book can have, I recommend that people should read this book.

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