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The Declaration Newspaper is honored to be named a 2015 and 2016 Site of Distinction by SNO (School Newspaper Online). In 2015, Colonia High’s Declaration was one of 14 schools out of 1729 schools using SNO to receive this honor and was the ONLY high school in New Jersey to be deemed a Distinguished Site by SNO. Colonia High School’s Declaration staff is an assemblage of enthusiastic and curious students dedicated to finding the facts, arguing a position, or simply investigating something fun. Some writers are enrolled in Mrs. Allen’s Journalism 1 and 2 classes while others pursue journalistic endeavors as an extracurricular activity. Every area of interest—politics, sports, movies, pop culture, fashion—is covered by the staff, as are school issues, social discussions, and daily polls. The Declaration recently upgraded to an online newspaper, where new stories are published continually, easily accessible to the typical on-the-go high school student. Whether one just wishes to catch up on current events, explore CHS’s current activities and events, or read an entertaining feature or editorial, The Declaration is the place to look, or click. Also, for up-to-date information, please follow us on Twitter : @ColoniaHigh. Also follow us on Instgram at:  Coloniahs_. Our Youtube channel is: The Declaration News Network.

We encourage readers to comment on articles, however we reserve the right to delete spam comments, any inappropriate comment, and slanderous comments.

Advertise with The Declaration

Because our newspaper is online, we have readers from all over the globe. We generate around 3,000-5,000 page views each month which means you advertisement, depending on it the placement of it, will be seen at least that much. Our viewers are evenly male and females with ages ranging from 14-65. According to the google analytics of our website our readers prefer to access our newspaper via a desktop or mobile although we are compatible with a tablet.

If you are interested in advertising with us please email Mrs. Danielle Allen at: [email protected]

Ad pricing:

$40 per month to appear on the home page bottom

$50 per month to appear at the top of the newspaper

$60 per month to appear next to articles with a sidebar

Ads will be put on the website on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right reject any ad that is not school appropriate or in the best interest of Colonia High School. You can email or mail us a business card to upload or the Journalism 2 class can make you an ad.

Becoming a Declaration Reporter

If you would like to join our reporting team, either contact Mrs. Allen or attend a Newspaper Club meeting. Meetings will be held after school in room 204. Listen for announcements for regular scheduled meetings or check the calendar on the newspaper website. If you can’t attend regular meeting, but still want to write for us, please email article topics to Mrs. Allen ([email protected]) for approval.

Meetings are on Mondays in room 204

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