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2017-2018 Staff


Spring Reporter

Aimee Seppelt is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School. Seppelt is involved in the choirs at Colonia high school and also part of color guard for the Marching Patriots. Seppelt likes to focus on her school work and tries very hard in her classes to get the grades she wants!...

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Megan Anderson

Spring Reporter

Megan Anderson is sixteen years old. Anderson swims for her high school team (CHS), for her club team (MEY) and for her summer team (PCC). Anderson has a younger brother in eighth grade named is Billy.  Anderson also has two pets that her family rescued: one is a ten...

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Arianna Hernandez

spring reporter

Arianna Hernandez is a very quiet person, she most of the time keeps to herself. She is the oldest of four children. English is her favorite subject, Hernandez has a passion for writing and reading. Unlike most teens being on snap, or Instagram she is most likely reading. Hernandez...

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Jillian Pero

spring reporter

Jillian Pero has 3 older brothers named Jake Sam and Luke. Pero has one dog, named Buzz, who is very old and sick, his name is Buzz. She is on the competition varsity cheer team. She is a base and a tumbler which means she hold girls in a stunt and she flip around the mat. Pe...

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Robyn Epstein

Spring Reporter

Robyn Epstein is a sophomore at Colonia High School. She has one older brother who is nineteen and his name is Craig. They both enjoy going to the movies together and playing sports such as baseball and football. Epstein has one cat named Katie who is a tabby cat and one dog ...

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Bryan Barros

Spring Reporter

Bryan Barros is a sixteen year old junior at Colonia High School. He was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 2017, he transferred into Colonia High School his sophomore year. Bryan is the oldest of three siblings and hopes to be the first in his family to attend college...

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Jack Reilly

Club Reporter

Jack Reilly is a 14 year-old freshman at Colonia High School. He plays for the High School's JV soccer team, and also plays the drums for the school band. He is also a student council homeroom representative, as well as the freshman class treasurer. Jack's favorite hobbies are...

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Angelina Wintonick

Fall Reporter

Angelina Wintonick is a 15 year old sophomore at Colonia High School. She has lived in Colonia her whole life, from attending Pennsylvania Avenue School #27 for elementary school, to moving into junior high at Colonia Middle School, and now attends Colonia High School.  Angelina...

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Angelique Richardson

Fall reporter

Angelique Richardson is a 16 year old junior at Colonia High School. She enjoys spending free time reading, writing poetry, and loving her two pets. Richardson is a hard-working, dedicated student - her favorite subject being English as it has nothing to do with numbers. Richardson...

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Zachary Kaye

Fall Reporter

Zachary Kaye is a 15 year old junior at Colonia High School, with his birthday on September 30. He plays football and runs track for the school. When not playing, he is a huge sports fan and enjoys watching sports. One of his favorite activities during the NFL season is partic...

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Rana Rezk


Rana Rezk is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School. She has an older sister who also attended Colonia High School. Rezk loves dogs; she has her  own dog named Dexter who is 1 and is he is the love of her life. Rezk works at a local food store called Foodtown. She spen...

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Jada Davis

Fall Reporter

Jada Davis is a junior at Colonia High School with a creative mind and a love for literature. In her free time, she participates in theater and sings for her school's Concert Choir. Aside from this, she's a member of the International Thespian Society and is an anchor for Patriot T...

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Alyssa Salvato

Fall reporter

Alyssa Salvato is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School. Salvato is one of the newest news anchors for Patriots Television and is also a part of all the school’s choirs. Ever since a young age she always had to have her voice heard whether it was through singing or simpl...

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Patrick Coveny


Patrick Coveny is a 17 year old senior at Colonia High School where he is a second-year journalism student and a fall editor at The Declaration. He is studious and dedicated to his education -his favorite classes being history and english.  In his free time, Coveny enjoys reading,...

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Afrah Momin

Fall Editor & Reporter

Afrah Momin is a seventeen year old senior at CHS. She is an optimistic and cheerful young girl. She enjoys most of her time listening to music, binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix, and texting her friends. She was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)...

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Rebecca Melton

Spring Editor & Reporter

Rebecca Melton is a seventeen year-old senior at Colonia High School. She is heavily involved in the performing arts, having been apart of backstage crew since her freshman year. Melton is the Secretary of Colonia High School's Thespian Society and is the Student Technical D...

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Zachary Pereira

Fall Reporter

Zachary Pereira is 16 years old and was born on September 25, 2001. Currently Pereira is a Junior  at Colonia and is involved with the school’s football and track teams; he also is involved with the Spring musical. When not in school Pereira enjoys reading and writing as w...

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Frankie Brock

Fall Editor and Reporter

Frankie Brock is a 16 year old junior at Colonia high school. She is the junior class presidents and loves getting involved in all Colonia high school programs. Brock is an active member in the multicultural club and student council. She attends many sporting events and school...

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DeAndre Oglesby

Fall Editor & Reporter

DeAndre Oglesby is a 16 year old from Colonia New Jersey. He was born on December 7, 2000 at JFK Hospital. His nationality is African Bajan American (his mother is from the island of Barbados). Oglesby is the youngest of four children. He has two sisters and one brother. Currently...

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