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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

From Blood and Ash shows the struggle of hiding who you are

Photo Credit: Daniella Albuquerque
With all the publicity of her new series “From Blood and Ash,” Amazon has decided to turn it into a T.V. series.

“From Blood and Ash” by Jennifer L. Armentrout, is the first installment in the six book series.

About the author:

Armentrout is a 43 year-old women, who lives in West Virginia. Ever since algebra class, she has been creating short stories and her love of writing grew from there. Armentrout has many books published, which most became a New York Times Bestseller. Her range of writing goes from young adult paranormal to contemporary romance.

What is “From Blood and Ash” about:

“From Blood and Ash” is a fantasy/romance/vampire new adult novel, which have you gripping your seat. It centers Poppy, the Maiden, who can never experience a normal life. As the Maiden, she needs to follow certain rules. Never be looked upon. Do not indulge in conversations. Stay a good width away from others. And always stay pure. Her role is to be a symbol for the citizens: she is the one who was chosen by the gods– she will be the one who leads them into Ascension. Though being special might seem fun, Poppy hates it.

Unlike other girls, Poppy wishes to be on the front end with the guards. And when one of the front end guards heads in Poppy’s direction, her whole world turns upside down. Hawke is not like anyone she has ever met. He is the one who incites her anger. Who makes her question everything she has learned. The one who makes her feel certain things she should not.

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Slowly rising once more, is a kingdom that used to be feared by the mortals and deserted by the gods. Not only do they want what is owned, but are using violence to get it. Too much is happening that Poppy’s sense of right and wrong is becoming blurred. She knows what she wants, but also knows she can never have it. Is her relationship with Hawke going to destroy her or make her stronger?

Age group targeted:


Important terms:

Chosen: All of the second daughter and sons are chosen to ascend. Once you ascend you become an Ascended.

Ascended: The person will have inhuman abilities: sonic speed, super-strength, and can live for a long time.

Atlantians: Are the enemies of the people of Solis and the Ascended. Their leader is the Dark One.

Craven: Once were humans, but now seek blood. If one bites or scratches someone, they turn into one.


Ever since I saw this book go viral on Tik Tok, I knew I needed to read it. Though it took me a minute to finish–between work and school–it was outstanding. The story line had me sitting on the edge of my seat and gripping the pages. Every word lured me in deeper and deeper. A junior from Colonia High School, Gabryelle Chouloute, inputted, “It combines romance, fantasy, and action so I know it’s going to keep me on the edge of my seat.”

The love interest?! Hawke is everything a girl wants in a man. Like Isa Cantos commented on Goodreads, “Hawke will catch you completely off guard. He was a love interest like no other love interest. Cheeky, protective, infuriately sexy and a puzzle you’ll want to piece together. Just trust me on that.” I agree! I loved the moments in which he pushed Poppy to be her self and where they banter back and forth. Besides Vikter, Hawke was the one who stood up for her when they would hit or say something inconsiderate towards her.

I loved that once you get deeper into the book, you notice how strong Poppy truly is. We find out that she knows how to wield a sword and bring down someone twice her size. In the public’s eye, she is deemed weak. But in the shadows, she is powerful.

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Daniella Albuquerque
Daniella Albuquerque, Editor-in-chief
Daniella Albuquerque is a 16 year old in her Sophomore year at Colonia High school. She is involved in tennis, Spring Track, Interact Club, Book Club, and Student Council. She has never been athletic but has joined a few sports over the last couple of years, she recently found her love for tennis. Albuquerque is a bubbly person who loves to speak and get to know people whenever and wherever. If you asked her what her favorite hobby would have to be, she would answer with no hesitation: reading. When she isnĀ“t studying or playing tennis, you can find her holed up in her room reading books. Her favorite genre has to be romance with a mix of fantasy. Albuquerque would like to study abroad and major in writing. Her dream is either to work for an important editing company or become a best selling author. With this being her second year with the Declaration of Independence, she hopes she does it well and is informative with what she writes.    

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