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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Side hustles and jobs for teens

Exploring opportunities outside of school to start a business.

Side Hustles

In today’s fast-paced world, many teenagers are looking for ways to earn money and gain valuable experience outside of their regular school activities. From starting their own businesses to offering unique services, these young entrepreneurs are proving that age is just the number when it comes to success. In this article, we will delve into the world of side hustles and jobs for teens, highlighting the experiences of one student who has found success in the power washing industry.


Meet Joe Baca, a motivated and ambitious teenager who runs his own power-washing service. When asked about his initial foray into power washing, Baca shared an interesting story. ¨ I was in eighth grade when I first heard about power washing through TikTok. The idea of making $500 an hour intrigued me, and I knew I had to give it a try,¨ he explained.

Other Side Hustles

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Baca ventured into other self-businesses.  ¨ I was sold a variety of things, from training programs to landscaping services. I even helped market our friends’ clothing brand which resulted in impressive sales,¨ Baca proudly shared. His resourcefulness extends to online platforms like eBay and Facebook, where he has successfully resold items for a profit. 

When asked about his future plans, Baca expressed optimism and a desire for growth. ¨ I see my business skyrocketing in the future. Depending on the profit margins, it could remain a weakened side hustle or potentially evolve into something much bigger,¨ he revealed. Baca’s ambition and determination are evident, and he believes that with the right strategies and dedication, any teenager can achieve similar success.

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Side Hustle Advice

For those considering starting their own side hustle or business, Baca offered some valuable advice. ¨ start by learning everything you can about the fundamentals of your chosen field. Whether it’s Landscaping or any other business, understanding the best practices and equipment,” he emphasized. Baca also stressed the importance of honing marketing skills and finding effective ways to attract clients.

When asked about why he chose power washing as his primary focus, Baca explained, ¨ out of all the things I’ve tried, power washing offers and the highest profit margins in the least amount of time. I can complete a job in under an hour and still make a significant profit.¨ This efficiency and profitability have been key factors in Baca’s success.

As for the scope of his business, Baca  prefers to keep his services within a reasonable distance. ¨ I’ve traveled up to 35 minutes for a job, but I wouldn’t want to go much farther than that. If I do I will charge an additional fee,” he clarifed. This approach allows Baca to maintain a balance between serving his customers and managing his time effectively.

Baca also highlighted the seasonality of his business, with the summer months being the busiest. ¨ during summer, people often request power washing services for their decks inside walks, especially in preparation for outdoor Gathering like the 4th of July,¨ he shared. This insight demonstrate Baca’s understanding of Market trends and his ability to capitalize on season demands.


In conclusion, Baca’s story serves as an inspiration for teenagers looking to explore side hustles and jobs outside of school. His success in the power washing industry showcases the potential for young entrepreneurs to thrive in unconventional fields. By combining passion, knowledge, and a willingness to learn, teenagers can create their own opportunities and contribute to the business world at an early age.

Whether it’s power washing, landscaping, or any other venture, the key lies and taking that first step and embracing the journey of entrepreneurship. As Baca says, ¨ I believe I was made to be a business owner. I have a strong desire to contribute to your business world, and I’m determined to make my mark.¨

So, if you’re a teenager with a passion and a drive to succeed, don’t be afraid to explore the world of side hustles and jobs outside of school. Who knows, you might just discover your true calling and embark on a path to entrepreneurial success.

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