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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Kids eventually have to get a phone from their parents

Kids are getting cell phones at a younger age than years prior.
Photo Credit: photo via under creative commons license
Kids are getting cell phones at a younger age than years prior.

Mobile phones have become an everyday  part of our lives.  Children are no exception. In fact, children are using mobile phones like Iphones and Androids more then ever. I’ll explain why these phones are becoming a issue for many young teens around the world.

Cause and Effects

Believe it or not . Phones have a huge impact on peoples mental health. Some statistics say. That Children who are to spend more time on their phones. Are to have a higher chance to be depressed and have anxiety. In fact, the study found that children who spent more than five hours a day on their phones were almost twice as likely to experience depression and anxiety. And what’s crazy is that in my survey. 22.6 % of people said they spend six hours a day on their phone. Phones might be a bigger issue then you think.

Dylan Maltez

Another way in which mobile phones can affect children is sleeping issues. Some children between the ages of 12 and 15,   Children have been reported sleeping with their phones in their bedrooms. In fact  over 70% of them do this. This can lead to disrupted sleep patterns. As the blue light emitted by screens can interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycle.  And sleep is one of the most important things in a humans life. A lot of people can wake up grumpy and sad if they get no sleep.

The constant notifications and alerts from phones. Can disrupt sleep and lead to poorer quality of sleep. In the survey I made. Fifty percent of people said the first thing they do is check their phone. It’s became a natural part of their daily lives. Ellijah wood said “The Amount of time teens spend on phones has both and positive and negative effects”.

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Phones can effect social lives as well.

Phones can also have an impact on children’s social skills. According to a survey , over 40% of parents believe that their children’s social skills have been negatively impacted by mobile phone use. This is because children may spend more time on their phones. Than interacting with others in person. Which can lead to a lack of social skills and difficulty in forming relationships.

If you think it only just effect sleeping and mental Health. Wait until you hear about how it effects physical health.  Another study says. Children who spend more than two hours a day on their phones are more likely to experience neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. This is likely because children may be hunching over their phones for long amounts of time. Which can lead to poor posture and strain on the neck and shoulders and effect them as they get older

Phones can have a significant impact on children’s development, including their mental health, sleep patterns, social skills, and physical health. It is important for parents to monitor their children’s mobile phone use. And set limits to ensure that they are not negatively impacted by this technology. By doing so. Parents can help their children develop healthy habits and thrive in today’s digital world.

The Declaration’s Research

When I asked people in my survey if parents should eventually give their kids a phone. And to my surprise the answer was more divided with fifty six percent saying yes. While forty three percent saying no. Then people had to explain their answer. Here is what was said “Having a phone is a privilege. It is a big responsibility and is costly. There are ways for kids to communicate, make travel arrangements, and stay safe without a phone.”

A very detailed response and raises a good question if we even need to give kids phones. Their are alternatives to it. But it would have to be the parents to make sure a plan like that. Is executed very well. On the other side someone stated that a kid should have a phone.

Age is a big factor

“The cell phone is a necessity, more in these times that technology has been advancing. It is necessary for a child to have a cell phone to communicate.” In some cases that is also very true communication is key for kids. As they get older. For them to do things like hang out with friends. A big question I asked was when should a kid should get their phone. Sixty seven percent said middle school. While 16.1 percent of people said were divided between middle and high school. As Kenny Thortensen said “You have to make sure your responsible with your phones. So parents don’t have to restrict it.”

It seems like middle school is the most common because that’s when MOST kids get a little freedom. Middle school is for sure the time. When kids really wanna go out there. And have fun.  So then. You might think why you would give a kid a phone as early as elementary school. Or early as high school. A big reason is maturity. Sometimes it’s not age which comes a phone. But if they can handle and not be unethical with it. And it most terms. Middle school shows if their kid is ready. Or their child has a little bit learning left.






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Dylan Maltez.
Dylan Maltez., Reporter

Dylan Maltez is a J1 reporter at Colonia High School student.  He loves to write, go to the gym and walk his dog. The college Maltez wants to go to is Rutgers or Syracuse and his favorite class is ASL. His favorite baseball team is the New York Mets and his favorite band is Green Day. He took journalism because he wants to major in it in college so he can be on a podcast or talk shows. Currently, Maltez  is a sophomore and still has a lot to learn.

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Kids eventually have to get a phone from their parents