A timeline of MrBeast’s legacy on YouTube

Mr Beast Is the most popular Youtuber in America

Mr beast showing his brand to the public.

Photo Credit: Photo via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eVlsmhNZjg

Mr beast showing his brand to the public.

MrBeast has quickly come from YouTube celebrity to mainstream celebrity. He is one of the most universally liked people in pop culture.

His roots

MrBeast started off  as a small content creator creating content. He actually was considering quitting YouTube because he wasn’t having fun but his small passionate fans convinced him to keep making content. In 2014, he got a good amount of views doing different types of content. He got 25,ooo views making a video called “How much Money does Element Animation make.

MrBeast continued to make videos like this and gained a solid following because of those videos, and hit 1,000 subs. He continued to do this format and got around 1,000-20,000 views. MrBeast was motivated to make content. And was passionate about what he liked. Around 2015 he had 8,726 subs. He stated in that video talking about his count. He said by next year he wanted 15,000.

It seemed like MrBeast knew he was gonna be big but didn’t know when. MrBeast made a video in early 2017 called Subscriber goals for 2017. Saying he had 20,000 subs and wanted 100,000 subscribers in a year. His content really got noticed with his wacky challenges.


In 2017, MrBeast started doing challenges like counting to 1,000,listening to “It’s Everyday Bro” for 10 hours for very long and tiring challenges. But his channel really took a hit in popularity with these videos. He started to become known for videos like this, and quickly got 100,000 subscribers.

2018 was his biggest year. The biggest reason his channel blew up was when another channel named T-Series was going up in subs to MrBeast’s favorite Channel PewDiePie. So, MrBeast raised awareness so he can still have the most subs on YouTube. Mr beast gained around 15-30 million subs around that time frame. MrBeast became pretty much well known around the whole YouTube space.

I asked Braden Degorge about Beast highest high he said, “MrBbeast was so awesome during 2017-18. His content was my favorite during that time.”

His Format

MrBeast’s format has been pretty simple since his blow up, but really effective. His thumbnails would have  him with a open mouth with big caps to get the persons attention. His format was super effective. That was another reason Mr Beast blew up with followers.

There is a Algorithm with what kind of thumbnails YouTube likes. That’s why content creators always ask you to like,c comment and subscribe. MrBeast was always super smart with how he made people want to see his videos.

What Mr Beast is doing now

As time went on. Mr Beast somehow became more and more creative with his work, and his videos got even bigger. In late 2021, he created a video based of a hit Netflix show “Squid Games.”  This video took a lot of production and now has 378 million views.

MrBeast also has the MrBeast Burger store in the American Dream mall which when first came out.  The restuarant had a huge line just to get a MrBeast Burger. He truly has one of the most humble rises to fame.