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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Beach etiquette to enjoy the shore respectfully

Photo Credit: Danielle Allen
There are beach safety rules and then there are unwritten common courtesy rules at the Jersey shore.

Whether visiting your favorite beach or trying something new, there will always be some dos and don’ts. The beach should be a place of relaxation and fun, but it’s important to remember that beaches are shared spaces. While individual beaches set rules and regulations, some expectations for how people should behave while visiting the beach are unwritten. Practicing beach etiquette can ensure that everyone can enjoy their time of relaxation.  

Social Distancing

Keeping 6 feet away from others isn’t super realistic when on the beach. It is one COVID-19 rule that people wish to follow at the beach. There is no worse feeling than opening your eyes from a nap or coming back from the water to see someone pop your personal space bubble. When you can visibly see miles of open beach, but someone decides to sit less than 2 feet from you, it will kill your vibe. Then, you just close your eyes to take another nap, and boom, a face full of sand. Yep, those people just ran past your towel to race their friends to the ocean. Then again, boom. Those people are once again shaking all the sand off their towel, which is now blowing directly onto you.


No one needs to hear your phone calls, at the beach, or honestly anywhere. The beach is meant to be relaxing, and a screaming phone call isn’t relaxing to hear. Not only is a loud phone call awful to hear, but people’s music taste isn’t much better. Yes, you may think your music taste is amazing, but it’s not amazing for the whole beach to hear. Jersey Shore beaches like Wildwood are big enough for you to spread out and listen to your music at a lower volume. But when going to a smaller beach, just bring your headphones and AirPods. Some beachgoers might get a little angry when you blare your music over everything else. And is it their fault for wanting to hear the ocean waves while at the beach?

Wardrobe and PDA

Getting a new bathing suit can be exciting for anyone, but when it is a string bikini, it may be better for a beach in Miami than for one in Jersey. There are nude beaches here if you want to wear your birthday suit that bad. Anyone knows that the beach is a romantic place, and going to the beach with your significant other is great. It is more than alright if you guys want to sneak a peck here and there or hold hands. But no one wants to find themselves next to that couple that is just making out, or hopefully not worse. Don’t make yourself too at home.

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Practicing proper beach etiquette not only ensures that you have a good time, but that the people around you can enjoy their time as well. By cleaning up ourselves, respecting space, and following beach rules, you help to make an enjoyable and safe environment. A little courtesy can go a long way in making the beach a better place for everyone.


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Makena Mellito
Makena Mellito, Reporter
Makena Mellito is currently a senior at Colonia High School. She has lived in Woodbridge Township all of her life, attending Clarment Avenue School #20, Colonia Middle School, to now being a senior at Colonia High School. She enjoys spending her time at cheer practice, hanging out with her friends or even just chilling at home. Mellito has been cheering for 13 years and is a current member of the competition cheerleading team for Colonia. She was captain of the varsity game team. Mellito hopes to go to school to study criminal justice and psychology.

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