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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Love on the Spectrum creates a spectrum of opinions

Love on the Spectrum creates a spectrum of opinions
Photo Credit: Netflix

There is no disorder that can get in the middle of love  …

“Love on the Spectrum” is a touching and insightful television program that adeptly addresses the challenges of dating for individuals on the autism spectrum. Originally filmed in Australia, the participants’ genuine and charming personalities shine through, offering viewers a fresh perspective on relationships and love. The show succeeds in fostering empathy and understanding, acknowledging each person’s unique journey with authenticity.

What makes “Love on the Spectrum” a must watch is its genuine representation on screen. The curriculum does a great job of showcasing a wide variety of experiences and highlighting the challenges as well as the achievements of navigating relationships from a neurodivergent perspective. The story is masterfully written, illuminating the limitless nature of love and capturing the essence of connection.

A delightful aspect of the show is its deliberate fusion of humor and seriousness throughout. This methodical approach renders it comprehensible to a wide range of viewers, eliciting strong emotional responses while providing insightful information. Moreover, “Love on the Spectrum” stands out for its dedication to dispelling prejudices and promoting inclusion.

Every episode presents a deep and multifaceted portrait of every character, akin to a self-discovery voyage. Through the integration of poignant moments with insightful observations about the lives of those involved, “Love on the Spectrum” transforms into a remarkable and enduring examination of love in its most basic form.

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As the show progresses, viewers gain a profound appreciation for the wide range of human connections. Beyond being purely entertaining, the show makes a big difference in bringing attention to neurodiversity and the universal need for love. Because of its charming stories and genuine depiction of the complexities of love and connection, “Love on the Spectrum” stands out as a heartfelt and uplifting contribution to the reality television genre.

Viewers opinions

Sofia Sokolow, junior at Colonia High School feels differently than Powell about the show. ¨I enjoyed this show a lot. I thought it was very adorable. It made me happy being able to see these people experience what they see their parents have and their siblings.¨

On the other hand, Tess Powell, senior at Colonia High, has watched the show very little because ¨ I think the show exploits neurodivergent people for views entertainment.¨

On Screenrant, Christian Peterson explains that reddit fans have some issues with the show. “The Netflix phenomenon Love On The Spectrumwas likely launched with pure intentions – being one of the most prominent shows to portray people with autism in a positive, sympathetic, and humanistic light – but many of the show’s viewers have identified aspects of the series that they believe are insensitive or even offensive to people on the autism spectrum.”  Some Reddit reviews of the show express concerns with autism being called a disability where others felt the producers over-edit to convey the cast members the way they want them to be viewed.

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