Is the Mandalorian worth the hype?

Ever since the first episode was released the Mandalorianhas become one of the most famous TV shows. Is this show worth the hype it gets

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Ever since the first episode was released the Mandalorianhas become one of the most famous TV shows. Is this show worth the hype it gets

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The first episode of the Mandalorian was released on November 12 2019. Ever since then it has become one of the most popular shows. Is it worth the hype it gets?

Season 1

Mando is a bounty hunter in the post-empire era. It is clear he is one of the best in this business. He was given a job of capturing a 50 year old. This job would pay him well. When he finds this 50 year old he finds out his species ages slowly and he is just a child. Mando delivers the child to the client and accepts his bounty. However, he gets second thoughts and saves the child. They travel the galaxy together as Mando tries to make money and hide the child from people trying to make a bounty.

Season 2

The second season started on October 3o 2020. Mando learns more about the child. He learns that his name is Grogu and that he is force sensitive. This means that he needs to find a jedi to train Grogu. In this season we see several familiar faces return. Some of these familiar faces include Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker. This allows for the new Mandalorian universe to start to mix in with what fans already know. Shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels have also done a mix of new and old characters. Those shows just like the Mandalorian handle this balance well.

pros and cons

The Mandalorian brings a lot of new characters to the Star Wars universe. For the most part they’re really well rounded. You are able to really feel their emotions. Another big strength of the Mandalorian is its storytelling. The show tells a lot of great stories. These stories will get you hooked to the episode and will keep you entertained until the end.

One of the Mandalorians biggest weaknesses is the dialouge. For starters the main character, Mando isn’t much of a talker. Grogu is an actual child so he’s not exactly going to help much in the talking department either. The fact that the two biggest characters by nature don’t talk a lot hurts the show sometimes. There’s a lot of times where the dialouge will feel really awkward. There’s also long parts of episodes where there is little to no talking at all. Star Wars is usually known for its clever and fun dialouge. If you like shows with a lot of dialouge don’t watch this show.


The Mandalorian is a great show, simple as that. Anyone who is looking to watch a great action series with a great story this is the series for you. I don’t think you need to watch anything Star Wars before to watch this show. If anything, the Mandalorian is a great enterance to the Star Wars universe. Once you watch the Mandalorian you’ll want to see the rest of the Star Wars series. If you want to watch you must sign up for a Disney plus account. You can watch the first two seasons, and season 3 is coming soon.