Kotaro Lives Alone, a laid back series

By: Isabella Reyes, Club Reporter

About the Show

Kotaro Lives Alone is an animated Netflix series that just came out in 2021. It’s based off the original manga, serialized back in March of 2015 also titled Kotaro Lives Alone. The series is rated PG-14, with currently only 1 season out. I have to say, I binged watched all 10 episodes in just a few days. I can definitely say I love the plot and the unique characters in it. This show holds moments that are relatable, and throughout the story, there’s an underlying tone of sadness and what it really means to be “alone”. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears every now and then (not joking). The basic plot of this show (without giving away any spoilers), is about a lonely little boy named “Kotaro Sato”. He’s a 4-year-old who seemingly has no parents. As he resides in an apartment complex on his own, he becomes friends with the manga artist (Shin Karino) right next door. 

The Characters

The two main stars of the show are Kotaro Sato (the 4-year-old boy), and Shin Karino (the manga artist next door). I believe Kotaro and Karino balance each other out extremely well. Kotaro is a hard-working and independent kid, with high standards for a living. Karino is the complete opposite. (I suppose you would relate to him more). He is lazy and also extremely laid back. Though he is a caring young man since he looks after Kotaro knowing he lives alone. And although he’s a bit of a slob, he has talent in story-telling, and nice skills in drawing! (The obvious two things I assume you would need to be a manga artist.) Another key factor that you’d notice right away about Kotaro is how “odd” or “proper” he speaks, (he gets it from his favorite show “Tonosaman”, and I find it pretty funny). 

My Review

Kotaro Lives Alone is a really laid back show that holds subtle moments of seriousness and sorrow. Kotaro’s daily life is followed along by his underlying problem of why he’s really alone. (Don’t worry though, the show isn’t depressing, it’s rather uplifting.) If you’re someone who’s not into anime-styled things, it’s also something nice to play in the background, maybe while you’re doing your homework or playing games. This short little series holds a special place in my heart, it was short but sweet, and it’s an anime I’d put on my top-watch list. I do hope they come out with a season 2 since the show is still relatively new, but if not, my heart stays content. I really recommend you give it a try and watch it, and I give Kotaro Lives Alone a 5/5 star rating!

(Also, shout out to Ippei Funkuno, aka Karino’s manga editor. His laugh and few moments of screen time are top tier. If you give this show a try, you’ll see.)