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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Celebrating music with “Fireworks and Rollerblades” by Benson Boone

Benson Boone releases his freshman album “Fireworks and Rollerblades.”
Photo Credit: used with permission from Moxie
“Fireworks and Rollerblades” album cover

On April 5, 2024, former American Idol contestant Benson Boone released his freshman album, “Fireworks and Rollerblades.” 

Boone’s Previous Work

Even without the album itself, Boone has already reached universal success. After about three years of fame, divided on social media and musical charts, Boone has taken the world by storm. Boone’s previous hits include “GHOST TOWN” and “In the Stars.” Most recently, however, off of his newest album, Boone includes his 5-week chart-topping Platinum single “Beautiful Things.” 

In a review of his first few songs, Daniella Albuquerque reflects on the lyrics looking for meaning and themes. For more on “GHOSTTOWN” , “In the Stars” and “Beautiful Things read Albuquerque’s article, “Is Benson Boone the next pop star of this generation?”

Fireworks and Rollerblades

“Fireworks and Rollerblades” is a project Boone describes as the future of his musical career. He believes his tone has matured greatly, and it displays him as a person much better than his previous works give off. The album kick-starts with an exciting intro, beginning with a soft and innocent tone, and finishing off with an aggressive, proper start to an album. It then moves into “Be someone,” romantic and lovely, while giving the satisfaction of a great transition in between the two. 

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Track Five

Included further down in the album is fan-favorite “Cry,” an angst-filled melody, made to be screamed in the midst of a breakdown. In track number five, Boone made the bold choice to cut his harmony off towards the end of the song. While most listeners could be left confused, the choice was made to not only display the rage and the sadness behind his lyrics, but also the lack of closure Boone gained from this wretched situation he sings about. 

Slow It Down

Currently, Boone and his team have been promoting his second single off of the album, “Slow It Down.” This song gained popularity before the actual albums release–as most of the album did. Boone has previously leaked the album on a TikTok live stream. This caused the audience to already become familiarized with the music. However, “Slow It Down” was far more heavily teased than most tracks. The song as a whole is great on its own. But the song’s conclusion the most entertaining segment. 

The Tour

Boone states how the thing he looks forward to most is the touring leg of his “F.A.R.” era. However, towards the end of his tour, he tells Billboard that he looks forward to spending time with those most close to him. He says, “All I’ve been thinking about is the tour, and I’ll be going some places that I’ve never been before. But after the tour, and after all the shows, I’m really looking forward to just being with my friends. I think we’re gonna go on a trip to Greece and have two weeks and just live my life.”

Past and Future Successes

Overall, Boone and his album release have truly placed a rocket under his growth. Boone was named iHeartRadio “On The Verge Artist,” and last year, he was dubbed MTV’s Global “PUSH” artist in October and Amazon Music Breakthrough Artist. Additionally, the upcoming tour was not his first, generating millions of fans filled with love on his previous sold-out headlining tour, showcasing his previous releases. 

We look forward to seeing all of Boone’s future success!

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