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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

grace on her newest release, “uninhibitedly”

An interview with Grace McOrmond, also known as grace, reveals her thoughts behind her recent release, the heart behind the sound, and advice to young artists such as herself.
Single cover for graces uninhibitedly.
Single cover for grace’s “uninhibitedly.”

As we begin to reach late March and April is just around the corner, we at the music corner in the Declaration have decided upon a new special series of articles. Updated monthly, the music corner presents “Artist of the Month.” An AOTM article will highlight a new and upcoming artist who we believe deserve substantial recognition, interviews with said artist, music snippets and teasers, and much more. 

About This Month’s Highlighted Artist

For our March/April Artist of the Month, we highlight an artist from Rumson, NJ named Grace McOrmond–otherwise known as grace. 

Grace is not only an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, but she also pursues acting. Additionally, Grace is a committed competitive dancer. She dances for Koin & Co. in New York City, is a proud member of ASH the Company for their 23/24 season and is a member of the Edge company at Kick Performing Arts. Grace says that if she could describe herself in three words, it would be passionate, empathetic, and artistic. 

The Soul Behind “uninhibitedly”

Grace very recently celebrated the release of her newest song, “uninhibitedly.” Grace told the Declaration, “The inspiration for ‘uninhibitedly,’ was the feeling of freedom, specifically after a heartbreak.”

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The song, which starts as a light piano melody and ends as a grand collection of instruments and harmonies, truly pulls at the listener’s heartstrings. Grace methodically builds up the tension in this song. It symbolizes the freedom of release from a harsh or dark memory. Or, in her experience, an intense heartache. 

“Finally coming to terms with the past and any kind of heartbreak was a huge lesson I had to deal with,” Grace tells the Declaration, “Learning acceptance and how to be happy with where you currently are in life was what inspired me the most.”

Grace used her personal experience to lead her listeners through the tunnel and into the light of acceptance. She reminds her audience that there will always be happiness after the storm. “uninhibitedly,” she said, was one of her favorite songs off of her upcoming EP. 

grace’s Discography and Upcoming Releases

In addition to “uninhibitedly,” grace had also released two songs beforehand–by the names of “june” and “rise.” When asked about future projects, grace speaks about her EP, and what she hopes to achieve with these compositions.

“I have an EP coming out in May!” the “june” singer exclaimed, “What I hope for people to take away from my music is a feeling of being understood. To me, the best feeling is when you find a song that matches exactly what you’re going through and that you can relate to on an emotional level, because music heals. I only hope that people can find that kind of connection to my music!”

The Musical Process

After listening to her current discography containing the three singles from her EP, I wondered what had been going through Grace’s mind as the production unfolded, and how they were able to put something of this caliber together. Grace’s songs are moving, powerful, and incredibly relatable–but the creation of the piece is most likely not as easy as it sounds. 

Grace explains how she works with Nick Ryan Piescor to record and compose her music. Piescor also works as a singer/songwriter, as well as a multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Amongst all of the hard work Grace puts into her craft, she describes her favorite thing about the music process; “…I feel like it is any moment where I feel like it is all coming together, whether that be if I write a really good melody, or lyric, or when me and my co-writer are making songs in the studio. Whenever I have a really exciting moment where everything clicks and I see my vision coming together, that is my favorite!”

A Young Creator’s Advice to Other Young Creators

As a young artist trying to make it a huge industry of stars and glory, Grace knows just how difficult it is to be confident when the going gets tough. However, at only sixteen, McOrmond takes the world by storm, passionate and unafraid. She wishes to be a role model for aspiring young artists. Through music, she encourages them to love and follow their dreams unconditionally. 

“Just do it! Do not be afraid of what people will think, do not be afraid of getting judged or whether people will like it, do not let outside factors hold you back! All that matters is that it makes YOU happy, but the hardest part is getting started. Find and take advantage of your resources and put your music out there!”

‘uninhibitedly” is streaming now on all platforms, along with “june” and “rise.” We look forward to her upcoming EP in May, and any future projects Grace creates.

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